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7 Reasons Business Cards are Still Important for Entrepreneurs

  • Written by Chloe Taylor

These days, we are living in a world absolutely dominated by digital technologies and digital forms of communication. All these trends make the backbone of corporate etiquette and practices as well.

So, with that in mind, trying to make an introduction with a traditional business card may seem dated and even tacky. But rest assured, these impressions are completely off the mark. Once upon a time, the bright business card made Christian Bale's character Patrick Bateman in the cult classic American Psycho sick of envy.

If used properly, the business cards can still make the same impression. Let us take a look then at what makes these simple tools so effective and how to get the most out of them.

Digital introductions are impersonal

Let us start by pointing out that business cards are, first and foremost, an excellent excuse to make personal contact with the person you want to reach out to and use these brief moments to let your unique traits shine through and leave a lasting impression. Compared to that, digital introductions are horribly impersonal and the only emotion they are able to summon is usually annoyance. They are also far easily disregarded and fail to build any sense of connection. Be sure then to make this first impression count.

Effective direct marketing tools

Even though digital marketing keeps gaining new ground, direct marketing still makes one of the most efficient and cost-effective marketing approaches in existence. Business cards make a very important part of this arsenal. Namely, when compared with other direct marketing tools like leaflets and direct mail, business cards take far less space and carry far more attached value. The people who receive them feel very hesitant to throw them away so they tend to demonstrate quite a staying power in long run.

Business cards are a powerful branding tool

Business cards may feature relatively small dimensions but they leave more than plenty of room to point out some of the main qualities of your brand, familiarize the people with your core field of work and value proposition and let everybody know where they can find you. Furthermore, the custom square business cards tend to look quite good and even catch a couple of curious looks. This means people may even inquire about their content which is something you will possibly achieve with any other asset.

Business cards are easy to pass around

In one of the previous sections, we mentioned that due to their unique nature business cards tend to stick with the recipients for quite some time. That, however, doesn't mean the people who receive them make the final point of the business cards’ journey. On the contrary, if they hear some of their friends may benefit from your products and services, the recipients will be more than willing to spread the word about your business. And peer-to-peer recommendations always carried a certain weight.

Creative business cards spark conversation

The previous situation we described presents the peer-to-peer recommendation at its most basic level. The truth is that business cards that are fun, creative, or informative, don't have to wait all that long to be brought into a conversation. If they are sufficiently engaging or actionable (e.g., they invite people to visit a social media profile or take part in some challenge) they will be pulled out sooner than later. Such cards may be shared or posted on social media and help you easily corner the local markets.

Business cards give away a strong corporate feeling

As we’ve mentioned in the introduction, the business cards at this point may seem a bit dated. But, this exact archaic feeling gives them a very strong corporate vibe reminiscent of the times and practices that are gradually dying out. For instance, in places like Hong Kong, handing out a business card is still seen as a critical part of networking and corporate protocols. So, introducing yourself in this traditional and almost obsolete manner, at the same time, summons a lot of respect and draws more attention to you.

Looking more meticulous and professional

Last but not least, we would like to remind you that meticulousness was always seen as one of the most important qualities of a successful business leader. Well, there is no better way to signal everyone around you that you are a meticulous, always prepared, focused, and responsible person than carrying around a stash of business cards you can hand out whenever the situation demands so. Rummaging through pockets to find a way to present your credentials, on the other hand, leaves a very poor impression.

We hope these couple of arguments helped you realize that business cards may not be the hottest new marketing tool but they are also far from being obsolete. On the contrary, their unique and nostalgic vibe can only help you make a more lasting impression upon introduction. And in a business arena as dense and competitive as the one we have today, what else could you ever hope for?

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