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1 in 10 Aussies working multiple full-time jobs

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Resorting to extreme measures to beat rising living costs and property prices, one in 10 Australian white-collar workers are performing multiple full-time jobs, according to a new survey by global job site, Indeed.
Those who are most likely to be juggling an 80+ hour work week are Gen Zs (one in six) and millennials (one in seven)—with the majority of both groups saying they do so to save for a property (87% and 66% respectively) and to cover rising costs of groceries and other essential items (79% and 57%).
But how are white-collar workers managing the hours—and at what cost?
They borrow time from their primary employer. Nearly all (93%) white-collar workers with multiple full-time jobs perform their additional job on their primary employer’s time, with 65% doing so regularly.
They use AI to perform work. AI also plays a significant role in enabling people to work two full-time jobs. Almost all (94%) say AI helps them perform their primary job, and 92% say it helps them perform their additional job(s). Ninety-one percent say a key reason they can hold down multiple paid jobs is because they use AI, and the same again (91%) say they are so proficient at using AI that they plan to secure more additional paid jobs.
Juggling multiple jobs comes at a cost. Almost eight in 10 (77%) say working an additional full-time job has taken a toll on their mental health, 75% say it has prevented them from looking after their physical health, 86% say it has prevented them from taking time off, and 82% say it has prevented them from spending quality time with their family.
And it’s also costing Australian businesses, with 82% saying their additional paid job has impacted their performance and productivity in their primary job.
Despite this, those working multiple full-time jobs say they would only consider giving up their additional paid job if they earned an extra $51,500 plus in their primary job—so the stakes are high.
Sally McKibbin, Career Expert at Indeed, says:
“Indeed’s research findings are a stark reminder of the financial challenges people are grappling with.”
“As living costs and property prices continue to outpace earnings, Australian workers are responding by taking on additional paid work.”
“Purchasing power has not kept up with soaring property prices. For Gen Z and millennials, the journey to property ownership is proving challenging and unachievable for many without multiple income streams.”
“The use of AI to manage multiple jobs highlights how technology is reshaping the workforce. However, the toll on workers’ mental and physical health cannot be ignored. Balancing two full-time jobs—regardless of technology efficiencies—is pushing many to their limits.”
“It’s concerning to see so many workers borrowing time from primary employers to manage second jobs, as this is very obviously going to have a significant effect on business performance and workplace dynamics.”

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