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SGD$10,000 up for Grabs in Asian Endurance Series eSports Race

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SINGAPORE, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Run by AES Sports Pte Ltd, the Asian Endurance Series is a successful kart series, attracting race teams spanning across Asia. Its ethos is to provide a racing platform for budding racers, with an environment of quality, accessibility, while still reinforcing the spirit of competition. Cash prizes will be distributed based on points, so every placement is eligible for rewards.

SGD$10,000 up for Grabs in Asian Endurance Series eSports Race Run by AES Sports Pte Ltd, the Asian Endurance Series is a successful kart series, attracting race teams spanning across Asia.

With the numerous measures put in place to curb the pandemic, AES Sports has evolved to bring the platform online. Sim racing has all the required elements to incubate and develop the coveted art of racing, or "racecraft".

Jason Tay and Mohd Aleef from Singapore, and Russel Reyes from the Philippines were winners for Season 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

The eRacing elite come from all over Asia, including some real-world racers. eSports teams are highly encouraged to participate in the upcoming season as well.

Established race car drivers, such as Denis Lian from Singapore (A1GP Team Singapore, Asian Le Mans, Asian F2000) and Mike Potenciano from Philippines (Rallying, Asian F2000), form part of our team of commentators.

AES races are sanctioned and stewarded by MotorSports Singapore (FIA ASN).

Most motorsports enthusiasts state that the adrenaline rush, the thrill, the desire to compete, and the glory of winning are some of the reasons why people are drawn to motorsports. In order to take home the trophy, one crucial element that any respectable racer must possess is the iron of endurance, something that AES infuses into all their racing categories.

AES's eSports events cover cars, and now, motorbikes via various racing simulation software. With a combination of content creators, live stream assets, and event organisers, all equipped with the knowledge of digital and real-world motorsports, everyone can enjoy the total racing experience to its full potential and beyond.

All this is in tandem with the vision of AES: to nurture and unite all motorsports enthusiasts together in a common place.

AES aims to nurture a community of people who wish to find like-minded souls, or understand the sport with its myriad of intricacies, such as the art of racecraft, or the various depths and disciplines of the engineering behind it. 

Skills and knowledge developed in sim racing is readily transferable to real-world motorsports. Many young and successful racers can attest to it.

Motorsports enthusiasts of all types can find a safe place to share their enthusiasm, their discussions, their arguments and their agreements, and for everyone else to realise that motorsports is not just about racing alone.

Come and flag off the races with us.

More information can be found on our Facebook page ([1]) and Instagram (@asianenduranceseries). Follow our new season on social media, and see you at the races!


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