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5 Dos and Don'ts When Working With A Virtual Assistant

Maybe you have already heard about people who provide administrative support for their client's businesses, do executive tasks, schedule meetings, answer phone calls, send emails, and more just right in their home offices. These individuals are virtual assistants who work remotely for their clients part-time or full-time.

If you're a busy person who would need a hand in handling all the work in your business, hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to delegate administrative and clerical tasks. VAs could do any task you ask them for as long as it's within the contract. But, before selecting any VA, ensure you know how to work properly with one.

Here are a few dos and don'ts when working with a virtual assistant:

Be Open

Suppose it's your first time working with a virtual assistant; as much as possible, try to be clear in communicating your expectations with them and how you want them to do their tasks. If you have specific software you want them to use to accomplish the tasks you give, ensure that they are equipped with it.

Also, ensure that you discuss the salary rates with your VA accordingly. In the US, VAs receive an average of $44,000 annually. Sometimes, the rates of a VA would also be based on the hours they work. For Australia-based VAs, the average pay per employee would range from $20-$40 per hour for inexperienced VAs and $41-$200 for experienced ones.

Not to mention, Australia-based VAs are in demand since having English-speaking VAs is an excellent edge since they have strong-literacy skills. Thus, when you're planning on hiring an australian virtual assistant, that's another thing you must be able to communicate when working with them; knowing if they want to be paid per project or hourly rate. Also, you can expect to have many experienced VAs matched with your needs.

Don't Expect That All VAs Has The Same Skillset

Some of the common skills needed in a VA are good communication skills, being able to use various computer software, being able to create well-written content, being disciplined, and knowing how to meet deadlines.

VAs have different types, such as administrative virtual assistants, where their tasks sometimes focus more on answering emails, booking travel arrangements, meeting scheduling, and more. Thus, great decision-making skills are also a must.

There are also those VAs that focus more on social media content, known as Social Media Virtual Assistants. This kind of VA needs to understand how to effectively use hashtags, create engaging content, and make eye-catching social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Other VA types include real estate virtual assistants, virtual bookkeeping assistants, and e-commerce assistants. Thus, when working with a VA, ensure you know which type of VA you need to align with your business goals.

Do Guide Them

When you're looking into various kinds of virtual assistants for hire online, you will see some VAs that already have experience in the field, and some don't. If you hire an inexperienced VA, one way to guide them is to let them know the limitations and scope of the work you'll be giving them.

This also includes the work hours you expect them to be reachable. If you think your VA lacks the skills you need, training them could be a great option. Also, ensure your VA knows your goals and how they will meet them. If you want some tasks to be completed only during the day, informing them is necessary so that they're also mindful of it.

Lastly, if your VA has some questions, reply to them. It's better to have someone who asks questions to understand rather than having them do something they don't know about and, in return, make them re-do the task they're given.

Don't Forget To Pay Your VA On Time

Virtual assistants are also trying to make a living, so pay them reasonably and on time. Paying your VA on time could also make them feel more motivated to do their work, especially if the amount you pay them is also reasonable. Usually, the bigger projects VA handles, the bigger the pay they must receive.

Usually, employers send out their payments to VAs through bank transfer or PayPal. Thus, see that you also ask them where you could send their salaries ahead of time to avoid delays. But if there is a time that sending out wages may be delayed, it's always best to inform them ahead of time. This way, your client-VA relationship will not be affected too.

Do Make Time To Establish Good Relationship With Your VA

Before starting formal work with your VA, try to get to know them first and establish a good rapport. You may also learn about their work ethics and interests and how to communicate with them effectively during this time.

Also, every employer knows they should treat their employees properly since they are protected by law and have rights. This is also the case with online employees, even though it's on an online platform. Thus, it's important that you also know how to respect your VAs and don't contact them if it's not working hours. Recognize that they are working for you to improve your business, so respect must always be present.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes if you give all of your time to running your business, you also lose time for yourself and the other things you enjoy. Also, it may take a toll on your overall health. In cases like this, it's best to have a virtual assistant to help you as long as you have enough funds to pay them. Hiring one can help you make time for other essential things in your life, like family, friends, and your passions, while not letting your business down.

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