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Top Reasons to Get Forbrukslån

Are you organizing a wedding? Have you set your eyes on a new vehicle? If your savings account cannot provide the necessary finances to fund a wedding or vehicle purchase, you should apply for a loan, provided it’s not the payday kind.

Consumer loans can be paid back in monthly installments over several months or years. Sometimes, the term approved for repayment can be longer, depending on individual circumstances. There are various valid reasons for getting such financing.

Read more about them in detail below.

Debt consolidation

The number one reason for taking out consumer loans is debt consolidation. These financial products help individuals pay off other loans and credit cards by combining all the outstanding balances into a single monthly payment. Such grouping of debt is effective in working out a single timeframe to pay the balance off without feeling overwhelmed. Go here for a comprehensive definition of debt consolidation.

Using consumer loans to eliminate credit card debt is the most beneficial choice because of the low interest. Consequently, you can reduce the interest amount and the time it takes to pay the debt off. Such action is most recommended to individuals with high-interest debt, which allows consolidating severalpayments into just one.

Home remodeling

Another vital reason for using consumer credit is when remodeling your home. These funds can be used for making the much-needed upgrades or a whole set of repairs, such as repairing the HVAC system, fixing the plumbing system, completing an electrical wiring project, etc. This product is an excellent fit for individuals with no equity in their house. Unlike equity products, consumer loans impose no requirements on borrowers to use their homes as collateral.

The usage of these funds for home remodeling is suggested for small and mid-sized household upgrades and improvement projects. If you wish to avoid borrowing a secured loan, this solution is the perfect one for you.

Covering emergency costs

Emergencies aren’t on the agenda of any individual. Hence, the costs associated with such events are unplanned and difficult for most families to afford. Funerals are devastating and highly expensive, which adds a financial concern apart from emotional devastation. Unplanned medical bills are another valid reason for seeking financial assistance, especially when doctors require patients to make full payments.

Even after negotiating the payments with the hospital and your insurance company, you might not be able to afford these costs. Consumer loans are the best for those in need of unexpected funds that require a quick disbursement.

Moving costs

While it might seem illogical to individuals to take out consumer credit for covering moving expenses, it proves a valid point considering the high cost of long-distance moves. There is a multitude of blogs, like forbrukslån guru, offering financial advice on consumer loans. While local moves may cost as much as 8,500 kroner, long-distance moves might cost up to 42,500 NOK. Consequently, there is no reason to feel uncomfortable seeking financial assistance from banks for moving.

Consumer loan funds can assist you when moving your household belongings from one location to another, purchasing new furniture, transporting your vehicle across the country, and covering any additional expenses. They can be especially helpful when relocating without having a job. Then, you wouldn’t have to raid your emergency fund or savings. If you cannot immediately afford all long-distance move expenses, an unsecured loan can prove helpful.

Payday loan alternatives

When coping with emergencies that require immediate access to money, individuals usually turn to payday loans. Nevertheless, by choosing personal instead of payday loans, you would save thousands of kroner on interest. While the annual percentage rate (APR) on payday products is 391 %, the highest interest rate on consumer ones is 36%.

The former has shorter repayment terms, between two and four weeks, which makes it challenging for borrowers to repay the money so rapidly. As a result, many of them end up renewing the term, making the accrued interest part of the principal. This, in turn, increases the overall interest owed.

The latter, on the other hand, has longer terms and costs much less in overall interest. These are the best solution for borrowers with poor credit trying to circumvent predatory offers. In a nutshell, consumer loans are more affordable and safer.

Vehicle financing

Another incredible reason for taking out such loans is vehicle financing. They can cover auto, boat, RV, and other vehicle purchases. You’ll find them helpful when purchasing a vehicle from another person instead of a company. For instance, when buying a used auto from a particular person, the borrowed money will allow you to make the purchase without raiding your savings account.

In addition, consumer credits assist individuals looking to purchase a vehicle but don’t wish to use it as collateral, such as in the case of auto loans. Hence, you can cover larger expenses without depleting your account with hard-earned savings.


When planning a larger or lavish vacation, you might need additional finances to cover the costs. While your average vacation might not require borrowing a larger sum of money, this isn’t the case with luxury cruises and honeymoons. Financing your dream vacation might prove challenging in terms of having the necessary finances.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget that you’ll be paying interest on the credit for months/years after the vacation is over. If you don’t mind paying your vacation off for years to come, a lender can make sure your dream vacation comes true.


Weddings have become ridiculously expensive, which is why many couples lack the budget to organize one. Wedding loans can cover important aspects of the big day, such as the bride’s dress, venue, photography, the cake, flower arrangements, etc. The funds you’ll have at your disposal will provide the possibility to organize the wedding of your dreams.

To sum up

In a nutshell, consumers can use these loans for virtually anything, from consolidating debt to financing large purchases.

Don’t be financially stressed during pleasant and unpleasant situations!

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