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Meet the Expert: Stephen Cochrane, Painter and Business Owner

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Stephen Cochrane is a well-respected member of the Western Australian community, best known for his friendly demeanour and hard-working attitude. When he is not working, Stephen is a family man, enjoying spending time with loved ones and getting outside to soak up the Perth sun. Stephen Cochrane is a master painter with a lifetime of experience and a passion for the job.

Skills and Experience

Stephen Cochrane is part of the AJ Cochrane & Sons legacy, which began back in 1933. As a third-generation painter, Stephen began learning the ropes of the business as far back as he can remember. Today, he is the principal at one of the state's longest-running painting firms.

With a lifetime of knowledge to guide him, Stephen Cochrane has been able to develop unparalleled painting skills. His experience has allowed him to evolve with changes to the industry and to discover innovative approaches that help to enhance quality further.

Life as a Painter

Stephen Cochrane has been a proud painter for his entire working life and has never dreamed of leaving the industry.

Stephen is proud of the high-quality work he and his staff deliver, and he is passionate about providing both residential and commercial property owners with painting services they can trust.

On every job, Stephen Cochrane works to deliver the best possible experience with results that highlight the impact of working with an experienced team  

Expert Perth Painter

As part of AJ Cochrane & Sons, Stephen Cochrane has been recognised with 55 Awards of Excellence by the Master Painters Australia WA Association.

From being recognised for outstanding craftsmanship at major Perth shopping districts, to receiving 2012 Enviro Painter of the Year to Professional Business of the Year in 2012 and 2013 and more, these awards have been well-deserved and highlight Stephen Cochrane’s talent and excellent performance in the painting & decorating sector.

Media Contact – Painting and Home Improvement Expert

Stephen is an accomplished painter and home improvement expert. He has been featured in a range of Australian publications, including, and Queensland Property Experts.

Media Contact: 0418 920 077

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