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Five things that help your hair grow faster

Hair loss is one of the most common Google searches. Although one of the side effects of contracting COVID includes hair loss, this is completely separate in that the stress of the pandemic alone has caused people to lose their hair. This comes as no surprise to pharmacy industry stalwart, Helen Huynh as she has witnessed a sharp rise in the number of people seeking authentic pharmacy solutions for hair loss. This is one of the key reasons why her compounding company has invested in the formulation of a high quality non-alcoholic hair regrowth product, Minoxidil 5 Plus +. Minoxidil is clinically proven to regrow hair in men with androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern hair loss.

According to Helen Huynh, Head of Formulation at Médicii Laboratories in Brisbane, there are certain things you can do and products you can use to maintain optimal scalp condition to promote hair growth.

Founded just last year, a newcomer to Australia’s pharmaceutical industry, Médicii Laboratories, is already making big strides in advancing the industry. Last year, the company pioneered Australia’s first and only non-alcoholic Minoxidil solution which is used to stimulate hair growth in adult men and women with androgenic alopecia. This has helped many Australians, especially those with sensitive skin, to treat their hair loss problems and regrow their hair and regain their confidence. Huynh highlights five top tips to help men and women wanting to grow their hair faster.

  1. Consume more protein and hair-growth vitamins

Our hair follicles are mostly made up of protein, so if you’re not getting enough protein in your diet, it can affect the rate of your hair growth. Besides protein, those who have a vitamin deficiency through extreme dieting, intense stress or poor nutrition can also tend to suffer from slow hair growth,” Huynh said.

The best foods to promote healthy hair growth include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, salmon, eggs, nuts and seeds.

You could also top up your nutritional shortfalls by taking vitamins, or more specifically, hair-growth supplements that are filled with hair-strengthening ingredients like biotin, folic acid and Vitamins D, A, C and E.”

  1. Stay on top of your hair care routine

It makes sense that if you keep your hair healthy and well cared for, it will be in a better condition. So make sure you trim your hair regularly, between ten and twelve weeks, to prevent split ends,” Huynh said.

You should also use a hair conditioner and a deep treatment conditioner. Colouring and heat styling your hair will cause your hair to get thinner at the bottom, leading to breakage. Conditioner helps to replace the fat and protein inside your hair shaft and seal in the moisture.”

  1. Use a specific hair loss regimen

Hair loss treatments work by both slowing the rate of hair loss and also stimulating new hair growth. For best results, you should use these treatments daily,“ Huynh said.

Médicii Laboratories’ flagship treatment, Minoxidil 5 Plus +, is Australia’s only non-alcoholic Minoxidil product. Many people are already using Minoxidil everyday, but the current formulation has a high content of alcohol and propylene glycol, both of which can cause skin irritation and contact dermatitis long term. Minoxidil 5 Plus + is a bespoke formula that harnesses the power of pharmaceutical ingredients, combined with scientifically proven plant extracts to provide a complete and holistic solution for hair thinning without added alcohol or propylene glycol.

"Unfortunately, many celebrity brand hair loss serums can be expensive and contain low concentrations of plant actives."

  1. Scalp massage

Scalp massage helps to increase blood circulation to your hair follicles. I strongly recommend using a few drops of rosemary oil when doing this once a day, because it contains anti-inflammatory properties to reduce inflammation, which is one of the major causes of hair loss and thinning,” Huynh said.

It’s best to mix the rosemary oil in a carrier oil like castor oil or argan oil and massage it into your scalp for a few minutes each day. You could do this in the evening and then wash it out when you shower in the morning the next day.”

  1. Try micro-needling

Micro-needling has been shown to improve hair growth when used alone and also in combination with Minoxidil. In fact, research shows that it can almost double the benefits of Minoxidil when the two treatments are used together. We have free resources on our website on how you can safely micro-needle at home using professional devices," Huynh said.

Ultimately, factors like your DNA, hormones, age and overall health are the things that truly determine how fast your hair grows and if you will experience hair loss. However, when you implement these small lifestyle changes, you can reduce the odds of hair loss, improve the overall health of your hair and scalp, which is a good foundation to begin hair loss treatment.”

About Médicii Laboratories

Headquartered in Brisbane and founded in 2023, Médicii Laboratories is an Australian registered pharmacy specialising in personalised medicine for weight loss, hair loss and dermatological products. Personalised medicine recognises that off-the-shelf products are not one-size-fits-all; and allows the physician to tap into advances in medicine to tailor treatments according to each customer. Through their research and development Médicii Laboratories formulated Australia’s only non-alcoholic Minoxidil solution, which is used to stimulate hair growth in adult men and women with androgenic alopecia.

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