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How Australian Hotels are Standing Out from the Crowd

Standing out from the crowd in any industry is difficult, but those in the world of hotels are trying ever more imaginative plans to help their businesses attract new customers. It used to be that providing a pool, or perhaps somewhere to grab a massage was enough to have people queuing up to stay at your hotel, but times have changed, and clientele are becoming ever more demanding. This has led to some amazing innovations, particularly within Australia. Nowadays it's possible to spend your entire stay without ever leaving your resort thanks to the amazing entertainment options that these huge hotels can provide. We're going to look at some of the most innovative and luxury ways that hoteliers are using to stand out from the crowd.

Entertainment Palaces

One of the most popular ways to make your hotel stand out from the rest is to offer guests the kind of stay where they don't need to leave the hotel grounds to be entertained. One of the reasons that resort hotels are so popular is that once you've finished sightseeing for the day, you can return to your resort and continue the fun. This is where casino resorts really come into their own. The Darling in Pyrmont is an exclusive casino resort that was voted one of the world's best hotels by Forbes in 2019. It's right in the middle of Sydney and boasts stunning five-star rooms, as well as luxury suites for the discerning traveller. The jewel in its crown though is The Star, a state-of-the-art casino that offers a plethora of games, from Baccarat to Roulette, Craps to Pokies. If you've not played before then practising online pokies in Australia is a great way to ensure you're feeling confident when you arrive at the casino. Once you've got your online practice in, you'll be able to unleash your inner Bond at The Star, before heading upstairs for a night on Egyptian cotton sheets and a delectable treat from the pillow menu.

Fine Dining and Celebrity Chefs

One of the things that many of us enjoy the most about going on vacation is getting to try new foods from the area that we're visiting. It stands to reason then that a great technique to help your hotel stand out from the rest is to get a brilliant restaurant up and running within the complex. Of course, most hotels offer food of some description, but we've all got memories of overcooked eggs, flappy processed ham, and dried-out cheese at the breakfast buffet really setting the tone negatively for the remainder of our stay.

A hotel that is bound to have entirely the opposite effect with its restaurant is Ovolo South Yarra. This chain of hotels had pledged to provide only ethically sourced food in all of its restaurants, so when they took on board head chef Shannon Martinez, she was excited to create an entirely vegan menu. There are all kinds of inventive dishes to try at Ovolo, but the mushroom pinchos morunos are particularly good. Any fans of pinchos will know that they're almost always pork-based, but this dish uses the unique texture of oyster mushrooms to create a meaty replica that's all the better for being cooked in a ripping hot wood oven. Eating creative food from the comfort of your hotel is a wonderful treat, especially if you can do so completely guilt free, as everybody now can who chooses to stay at an Ovolo hotel.

Wild Encounters

Some guests are content with a relaxing massage or a dip in the plunge pool as their hotel-based activities, but not those who choose to stay at Jamala Wildlife Lodge. This expansive lodge has been designed to allow guests to get up close and personal with some of Africa's most magnificent creatures, yes Africa, not Australia. The proprietors of the hotel have been keen animal conservationists for years and though their family have lived in Canberra for generations, they've always enjoyed venturing out into the African wilderness on safari. So, they decided that they could bring a slice of Africa to Canberra and thanks to the similar climate and their ceaseless dedication to their animals, their plan has worked perfectly.

Now you can choose to stay in one of 18 rooms, each of which has a unique view of some magnificent creatures. The uShaka Lodge is bordered by an enormous enclosure that houses Black and White colobus Monkeys, while the lounge area has an enormous shark tank as the centrepiece. Those who choose instead to stay in the Giraffe Treehouses will benefit from stunning views of the Molonglo River, as well as deer and alpaca in their front gardens. However, when they venture out onto the balcony, they might be greeted by some of the tallest animals in the world, the resident giraffes. You're invited to feed them from your balcony, before heading out to explore the remaining animals dotted around the park. If you ever dreamt of staying in a zoo as a child, then this is the five-star version of that experience, a real treat for any animal lover.


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