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SEO Tools that Will Help You Conquer Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Now that you are using the latest digital marketing strategies, you require SEO tools to help you be consistent and be the best. Which tools are these? Don’t you worry, as today I will take you through some of the vital SEO tools you should use as you embrace digital marketing.

After days of research, I want to inform you that there are many SEO tools, but you should always use the following top SEO tools. Also, you might be requiring an SEO expert to help you boost your conversion. Look no more as Sunshine Coast SEO Services are the best.

Here are the SEO tools you should be using to boost your digital marketing strategy.

Google Analytics

Collecting your website’s data can be daunting as you don’t have all the day to monitor how many people visit your e-commerce store and purchase what you sell. To make that easy, Google Analytics helps you collect all the details, such as the traffic that daily visits your website.

The best thing about this tool is that it is free and gives you customized reports, which help you know if you are on the right track. Also, Google Analytics informs you about things like bounce rate.

Additionally, you get to know your audience’s age, gender, the device they commonly use, and location. When you use this tool, you grow your business as you correct issues that you might be doing.


Another SEO tool you should be using is Ahrefs. There are many ways that Ahrefs helps in your boosting your digital marketing strategy. As a search engine optimization tool, you get to discover many issues that might hinder your website’s top ranking on SERPs and visitors.

With Ahrefs, you get to learn about your competitors. Suppose they have content that’s not standard but has high traffic. You will come up with high-quality content that will earn you increased traffic. Additionally, you will learn new methods others are using to acquire backlinks, and you can implement their strategies.

Furthermore, you get to search for low competition keywords but have high traffic and will likely boost your online business. Another benefit of having Ahrefs is that you get to discover things that lower your site’s performance on search engines.

These are some benefits of using Ahrefs. Start using it to discover more about this SEO tool.


Digital marketing requires you to be using top SEO tools, and another is HubSpot. This tool helps you get the marketing right in different ways. The HubSpot CRM is a free platform where you can get real-time information about your potential customer.

When a visitor is on your website, you get all their information in one place, making it easy to do marketing and communicate with the visitor. Using this platform, you can connect it to your social media accounts and help you in marketing your products and services.


When looking for new content ideas for your audience, you might be finding challenges, but with Ubersuggest, that will be a thing of the past. This tool helps you get the best content ideas that will earn you additional customers.

Apart from content ideas, you can find keywords, backlinks and analyze your site’s SEO too. Unlike before, this SEO tool is currently free, and you can do more and improve your ratings on SERPs and more customers.

You can also use Reddit, Quora, and Answer the Public in content generation. Here you will get customer reviews on specific products and services. This helps you write high-quality content that will benefit your visitors.


You might be working with a team, and scheduling tasks, sharing details, and monitoring their progress can be an issue. That is why you need a project management tool, and the best is Asana.

When you use Asana, you get to get more work done and collaborate well with your team. This means you will monitor your project no matter how big it is. Additionally, communication will seamless and reduce time wastage as all instructions will be set.

Suppose you have a busy schedule, and meeting your team becomes an issue. Asana will help you as you leave new instructions and see how the project is going on. Also, you get to pay your employees or freelancers their dues as it has time tracking.

Other tools you can use as an alternative to Asana are Trello, Microsoft Project, and Jira.

Google Search Console

Your website might be having dead links such as HTTP 404. This is dangerous and can lead to a decline in conversion. You cannot discover this by yourself, and it may take time to find such an issue. But when you have Google Search Console (webmaster), you will know if there are any site errors.

Other than errors, this tool will report to you if someone is trying to hack your website or there is any security issue. Using this tool, you get to know your website’s metrics. This works well for you as a digital marketer.

Yoast SEO

Do you use WordPress as your content management system? To make your content SEO-friendly, you need a tool to show if your content is up to par.

And the tool is Yoast SEO. It is available both in free and paid versions you can use to analyze your content and if it is optimized for search engines. This tool will show you the readability score of your content, and if you are using enough transition words, your content is in active voice and all other SEO guidelines.

When you rectify any issue, you get to have better content for search engines. This enables your content to rank high on SERPs.


No one is perfect and making grammar errors while writing content is usually high. You should avoid such situations as visitors tend to leave your website if they notice too many grammar errors. Let this not cost you reaping from your business.

Avoiding such requires you to use Grammarly. This is a tool that corrects spelling and punctuation errors. This makes your content the best and easy to read.

Therefore, if you are not using it, start today. You can also use other grammar checking tools like Hemingway App.


Digital marketing is the best when it comes to promoting your online store or business. But many people tend not to get it right because they are not using SEO tools. Therefore, after you read this article, please start using these tools for high conversion.


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