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Menswear tailor Peter Jackson selects SHOPLINE to power online growth

Since the integration was completed, Peter Jackson has experienced a 16% increase in conversions and a 28% increase in average order value; contributing to a 52% revenue jump 

SHOPLINE, a unified retail platform empowering over 500,000 brands with market-leading tools to sell everywhere, has been selected by leading Australian menswear tailor, Peter Jackson, to power its growth through a powerful online presence. Peter Jackson has migrated its ecommerce store to SHOPLINE’s powerful, feature-rich unified platform, seamlessly integrating it with the retailer’s point-of-sale (POS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. 

Peter Jackson selected SHOPLINE due to its unparalleled ability to handle the complexities of fashion retail at scale, user-friendly platform and the functionality it offered to retailers. In the weeks since the new unified platform was implemented, Peter Jackson has already experienced a 16.21% increase in conversion rates, a 28.1% increase in AOV (Average Order Value) and a noticeable improvement in cart abandonment rates. Collectively, that has contributed to a 52% increase in revenue. 

“Peter Jackson has been operating in the men's tailoring business for 70 years, with a mission to elevate men’s dressing nationwide,” Nick Jackson, Director at Peter Jackson, commented. “For the brand to continue to deliver on this promise, we need to provide that seamless experience for customers across all touchpoints – and we weren’t able to do so with our ecommerce store in its previous form. Instead of spending all our time and effort on developer work and site maintenance, SHOPLINE has given us back more time to focus on what we are good at – offering premium tailored menswear to our customers.

“In the short time since the new site has been live, the impact has been significant - and far exceeded our expectations. Across the entire business, the response and results have been brilliant. Conversions are up, average order value is up, cart abandonment is down, and we’ve only just scratched the surface. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be tapping into new features and functionality. We’re in an extremely competitive industry, but with SHOPLINE now powering us, we’re in an incredibly strong position to capitalise. It genuinely has been as impactful and exciting as opening a new flagship store.”

Nick Gao, Regional General Manager at SHOPLINE, added: “As we build our position as the best-in-class, unified retail platform in Australia, we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with a household name like Peter Jackson. We arrive in Australia with an advanced, established platform, but as a challenger brand. Being selected to power the online commerce of such a significant name in the local retail industry is huge validation of the power of our platform.

Our goal is to empower Australian retailers - whether big or small, new or established - to scale their businesses with the leading technology and features needed to drive website conversions and grow. So to see the results they’re seeing already is hugely rewarding for us. Through this partnership we have worked closely with Nick [Jackson, Director at Peter Jackson] and the team to ensure the experiences they provide their customers online, are just as industry-leading as the experiences they provide in-store.”

The partnership comes as SHOPLINE accelerates its expansion in Australia, following successful on-the-ground operations in the UK and North America. 

“For too long, retailers have been stifled by ecommerce giants, who have hindered their growth by offering low-feature plans with expensive add-ons. SHOPLINE’s mission is to positively disrupt the ecommerce market by democratising access to the technology and insights retailers need to start and scale business, both locally and internationally,” Gao added.

“Our platform isn’t our only strength, though - it’s our people. We’re not a one-size-fits-every-customer solution. Our people tailor our approach to the unique needs and wants of every single customer; whether that's Peter Jackson or the hundreds of other Australian retailers who have entrusted us to grow their online businesses.”

SHOPLINE is a leading unified retail platform, serving as the trusted solution for over 500,000 retailers. We’re reshaping the future of retail, providing merchants and brands with seamless multichannel retail management, harmonising every touch point from online to offline. With a unified solution that seamlessly connects online and brick-and-mortar stores, we empower retailers to tap into the full potential of both worlds and deliver a consistent customer experience across multiple channels. In addition, we enable retailers to leverage the potential of social commerce, turning your followers into devoted customers. And the best part? We deliver this game-changing value at a fraction of the cost.



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