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Beyond Numbers: Why Payroll Compliance Is Integral to Business Success

  • Written by Marcus Zeltzer, Managing Director & Co-Founder at Yellow Canary

Evolving legislation is putting the onus on directors to prioritise payroll compliance, yet the challenges surrounding industrial relations have become increasingly complex. Yellow Canary is making it easy for employers to have confidence in their compliance process through automated monthly reviews that help to ensure they are paying their employees in accordance with the relevant industrial instruments.

Yellow Canary provides automated payroll compliance solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of Australian employers. The platform, backed by a team of payroll compliance experts, is the most advanced payroll compliance solution available in the Australian market and supports some of Australia’s largest employers with their ongoing compliance requirements across Awards, Enterprise Agreements, Superannuation, Long Service Leave, and other compliance areas.

In a new era of payroll compliance, Yellow Canary is helping employers do right by their employees, whilst avoiding hefty penalties that may apply as a result of unintentional underpayments. The platform generates reports which enable our clients to rapidly address any issues, avoid protracted remediation projects, and demonstrate to stakeholders and regulators that payroll compliance issues are being addressed.

Why Payroll Compliance Matters:

Payroll underpayments are being publicised daily causing serious reputational damage to employers. The Closing Loopholes Acts have recently raised the stakes for employers by increasing penalties and holding directors personally liable for underpayments. Employers will need to exercise more caution and devote more attention than ever before to ensure their compliance with these new obligations.

A single payroll error can snowball into a costly ordeal, jeopardising the financial stability of a business and damaging its reputation. A single error is also usually an indication of a broader problem that is likely impacting other employees. Underpaying employees is not only a breach of law but also erodes trust and morale within the workforce, leading to decreased productivity and increased turnover. Further, the road to remediation can be extremely time-consuming and costly.

In most cases, regular payroll audits and proactive monitoring could have prevented these compounding issues, substantial penalties and remediation costs. Automation and technology support these frameworks, reducing human error, and easing the burden on HR, payroll, and operations teams.

In this new era of workforce compliance, leveraging tools like the Yellow Canary platform is crucial for employers to showcase their commitment to addressing payroll compliance. This is not only to avoid penalties for unintentional underpayments, but also to be transparent and do right by employees.


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