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"InvestmentMarkets" Shakes Up Australian Investment Landscape

New platform now open for business to all self-directed Wholesale and Retail Investors

In a first for Australia’s financial services landscape, has officially launched its double-sided marketplace nationwide with a vision to become a one-stop-shop solution for self-directed retail and wholesale investors and SMSFs to find and compare all kinds of investment opportunities across almost every conceivable asset class, sectors, and stage.

The innovative platform promises to democratise and demystify investment opportunities for self-directed wholesale and retail investors, marking a significant shift in the accessibility, visibility, and transparency of investment opportunities available to investors.

InvestmentMarkets offers a comprehensive range of investment opportunities across various asset classes, sectors, funding stages, and industries. With a vision to become the go-to destination for Australian investments, InvestmentMarkets aims to empower investors with unparalleled access, breadth and insights.

InvestmentMarkets provides access to investment in: Managed Funds, Equity and Shares, Property, Fixed Interest, Alternative, Multi-Asset, Term Deposits, Growth, Income, ETFs, Crowd Sourced Funding, and ESG.

InvestmentMarkets is the brainchild of former financial adviser Angelina Wu and former fund manager Chris Morton. Some years in the making, InvestmentMarkets has formally launched with approaching 500 funds and investment vehicles already on the platform, including top-tier product issuers, like industry giants JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, abrdn, Magellan and Perpetual and myriad smaller and innovative investment products not often found on Wraps. Minimum investment amount of products listed on the platform ranges from “no minimums”, e.g., an ETF to $1,000,000 for some Wholesale Funds. InvestmentMarkets aims to have thousands of products on the platform in the coming years.

CEO Angelina Wu views InvestmentMarkets as "Australia's Investment Central," a platform designed to empower investors to explore, compare, and engage with diverse investment products seamlessly. With a wide array of investment options, InvestmentMarkets caters to the diverse needs and preferences of investors. To assist in the comparison process, they can currently filter investments by up to 12 criteria with plans to increase that materially over the next year.  

"InvestmentMarkets has it all covered including asset class, investment objectives, industry, liquidity, and investor type. Whether it's established managed funds, emerging funds, IPOs, scale-up or start-up investments, InvestmentMarkets provides unparalleled access to opportunities for investors,” Ms Wu said.

“InvestmentMarkets benefits from a robust set of tools, including a powerful search engine, intuitive dashboard, and comprehensive filtering options, making investment discovery as seamless as possible. Like how simplifies property searches through numerous filters, InvestmentMarkets streamlines investment discovery for self-directed investors, allowing them to make informed decisions,” she said.

“We’re committed to its core values of independence, transparency, convenience, and education as it continues to expand its reach and impact in the Australian investment market.”

Ms Wu said InvestmentMarkets goes beyond being just a marketplace; it serves as an educational hub, providing investors with regular events, insightful articles, and informative videos to empower them in their investment decision-making process.

For investment product issuers, InvestmentMarkets offers unparalleled visibility and exposure, allowing them to showcase their offerings to a growing community of investors. Effectively, “talk their book”. As the growth of the investor community of InvestmentMarkets continues to gain momentum, product issuers are likely to get more views, clicks and leads for their products from the platform, which will naturally lead to more funds flow and capital raising. InvestmentMarkets is a service provider and enabler to the capital markets. 

"InvestmentMarkets is effectively a service provider to the capital markets, facilitating connections between issuers and investors," Ms Wu said.

InvestmentMarkets clarifies its role in the market, emphasising its focus on empowering self-directed investors and providing a platform for product issuers to shine. It is not an asset manager, WRAP/IDPS, a research house or a competitor to existing segment platforms; instead, it focuses on democratising investment opportunities and providing exposure to them on brand agnostic basis.

With a diverse array of investment products already listed, InvestmentMarkets is poised for exponential growth. 

Chairman and co-founder Chris Morton notes, "We're just started to scratch the surface of our potential, with plans to expand offerings significantly in the coming months, targeting 3,000 investment products by 2026.”

"We're humbled by the recognition and support we've received from so many different quarters. It validates our mission to make investment opportunities accessible to all and supports our belief of the need for such a platform."

InvestmentMarkets' journey is fuelled by the support of financial services professionals, venture funds, family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and entrepreneurs.

Key Facts:

InvestmentMarkets introduces a new concept to the financial services industry, aiming to become the ultimate compendium of investment opportunities.

It is a free platform for investors, democratising access to investment opportunities and providing transparent information.

InvestmentMarkets does not receive commissions based on whether an investment is made or not, ensuring neutrality.

It is not owned by institutions but by financial services professionals, entrepreneurs, family offices, and VC funds.

InvestmentMarkets serves as an enabler for investors and does not see financial advisers as competitors, aiming to complement strategic advice.

By putting a broad variety of products on the platform, InvestmentMarkets aims to benefit capital markets, especially for start-ups and scale-ups who may traditionally struggle for visibility in a market dominated by institutional brands.

The platform expects exponential growth, with plans to expand offerings significantly in the coming years.

It is a financial and investment education centre providing investment education and events. 

InvestmentMarkets represents a significant step towards democratising the Australian investment landscape, empowering investors with unprecedented access and insights.

For more information, visit

InvestmentMarkets co-founders L to R: Angelina Wu and Chris Morton


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