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The big switch: 5 important tips for cloud newcomers

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Making the switch to cloud is like beginning a robust fitness routine: the changes are subtle at first, but after time they combine to make comprehensive systematic improvements.

Basically, it’s a highly positive change, and one that brings with it enhanced security, easy scalability, streamlined disaster recovery and optimised access.

But like other business moves, making the migration comes with its own set of considerations, each of which will help you to get the best results from making the switch.

If you’re considering enlisting the best cloud online Australia has available, remember these considerations before making the switch:

  1. What are your migrationary goals?

Every important business decision needs a reason, and so what’s your reason for making the switch? What are your migrationary goals? Do you want:

  1. To reduce software/hardware costs?

  2. Enhance cybersecurity?

  3. Scale your business up?

  4. Make data access easy?

Ensure that all vested parties know exactly why the switch is happening and what are the projected positives that will occur as a result!

2. Know where you’re currently at

When migrating from onsite storage to cloud online, you should analyse your current situation and how organisation members interact with your current solution.

This way, you can develop comprehensive processes for when the switch is complete as well as document the ways in which the migration has benefited your business.

Finally, knowing your current storage situation will streamline the migration as you will have taken stock of exactly where your company is at and, therefore, how it should all be moved onto the new system.

3. Understand what cloud you want for your organisation

It’s imperative to know what kind of solution you will have to take your enterprise to the next level. What is going to work for your business? What kind of architecture will you use and what applications, data and documents will be residing within this framework?

The way to do this is by determining which apps, data and documents your team utilises the most, and whether they need to access them onsite, remotely or a hybrid of both? This - and consulting with other departments regarding their needs - will help you decide what kind of framework is most suitable for your organisation.

Offsite cloud computing is a fantastic option for organisations that require remote access as it is stored digitally, thus making it easy for team members to retrieve regardless of their location.

4. What model do you need?

Next, it’s time to decide on what model you need. There are three standard service models, including PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Information as a Service) and Saas (Software as a Service).

These different services entail the following:

  1. PaaS: This needs coding work will web application elements;

  2. IaaS: You will have complete control over configuration, meaning it requires specialised infrastructure;

  3. SaaS: This style has little visibility for end users as the provider auto-updates the software.

5. Produce a migration strategy

Once you have covered all the above bases, it’s time to develop your company migration strategy. It should be strategised and documented at every step of the cloud backup process, and you will want to work with the provider to ensure your plan goes exactly the way you envision.

In your plan, you should review risk locations, detail deployment and cover communications for all end users.

You’re good to go

Once you have taken care of the five above considerations, you’re set to begin consultation with your new provider. But be sure not to skip any of the above - they are all imperative to ensuring you make the safest and most efficient migration possible!


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