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Remote Recruiting Simplified: 4 Simple Steps to Follow in 2022

  • Written by Chloe Taylor

Remote work is by no means a novel concept. First examples of remote work that resemble today’s work-from-home models can be dated back to the 1970s, a decade before the invention of the internet. Presently, stable internet connections and numerous applications that allow for remote communication have enabled companies to hire competent workers globally, without being constricted by geographical boundaries. Since this trend is on the rise due to a plentitude of convenient benefits, read on to find out what steps to follow that can simplify remote recruiting.

Write a detailed job ad

Despite the distance, remote employees should be able to function together as a team. Thus, it’s essential to find workers that, apart from the desired skills, also have the personality that can fit in with the rest of the team. Since remote recruiting involves searching for relevant candidates regardless of their location, the volume of applications is inevitably going to be more extensive. Therefore, the first step in your recruitment process should be to write a job advertisement that will attract the right applicants. To execute this step correctly, you need to have a clear vision regarding the tasks that are to be handled by the future employee for the advertised position. Only then can you write a job description that is detailed enough for the job seekers to know whether they should apply. Provide sufficient detail but try to be concise and write in a way that those who possess the skills required would be able to comprehend.

Create a simple-yet-effective selection process

The selection process is the most crucial but simultaneously incredibly demanding step. That is why it’s required of you to plan it out in such a way that there isn’t an abundance of exhausting rounds. Unnecessarily prolonged and extensive series of tests and interviews take up too much time. What is more, it can also deter potentially valuable candidates from completing all the steps. Apart from testing relevant skills, the practical tests can also be used to check whether the candidate has the ability to work remotely. Also, it’s advisable to conduct the interviews during the final stage of the process, after you’ve ensured that they possess the required skills. Then, you can ask them questions related to the skills tests to verify that they completed the tests without any assistance. In case you end up feeling overwhelmed with the number of applications, you can opt for an automated candidate screening software. Another perk of remote recruiting is that you aren’t limited to candidates that are required to conduct a series of distinct tasks that a full-time position demands. Instead, you can look for individuals that are highly skilled in a particular area and hire them as freelancers. At first, this may seem a bit complicated, especially in terms of handling payment, since you’d have to manage a higher number of employees. However, this problem can be solved with the help of multi-beneficial contractor payroll services, which ensure that the contractors are paid on time.

Promote your job ad on appropriate platforms

How you should advertise your job openings is highly dependent on your target audience. For example, let’s say you’re looking for a person for an entry-level position who is motivated to learn, while their work and educational background isn’t a determining factor. In that case, you can post your ad on major job search platforms such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. However, if you need an experienced and an already skilled individual with specific educational and/or work background for a popular position, you may wish to target that group specifically. One way to do this is to post your ad in relevant Facebook groups. You can also simply use LinkedIn to reach out to the people that match your requirements. Although most job boards offer the option to highlight whether the position is remote or on-sight, some websites such as Working Nomads and JustRemote are dedicated solely to work-from-home options. This can be a viable choice if you’re having difficulty finding workers who are motivated to work remotely, as the individuals visiting these sites are strictly looking for such positions.

Keep all of your candidates informed

Although finding ways to motivate current remote employees is highly significant, don’t forget to be mindful of the applicants, as well. Equally to how the recruiters for remote jobs have access to a wide range of capable individuals, the horizons are widened for the remote job seekers as well. Therefore, make an effort to keep all of the candidates posted about the current stage of their application and give feedback to all the applicants, including those that weren’t accepted. That way, the candidates will feel respected, and you can avoid the risk of losing competent potential employees because they didn’t know whether waiting a bit longer is worthwhile and thus found another job.

All in all, remote recruitment doesn’t need to be a complex, neverending endeavor. The key is to keep it relatively simple while ensuring that every step of the process is necessary and carefully thought out.


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