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Leap Real Estate wins game-changing REA award

Resimax Group’s Leap Real Estate team has won Game Changer of the Year at the AREAs, the Annual REA Excellence Awards, for its world-first Leap Lifestyle Membership Program for renters, launched in May last year.

A panel of highly qualified, independent judges assessed the category submissions and unanimously voted for Leap Real Estate, which oversees Resimax’s Eynesbury development.

Leap co-founders Ken and Catherine Dodds said they were extremely proud but not surprised the Leap team came out on top in a category recognising businesses disrupting the status quo to drive positive change in the industry.

In the media, we’ve seen the issues renters face, from having to secure properties through bidding wars to having issues getting property managers and owners to attend to maintenance issues,” Ken said.

Leap’s Lifestyle Membership helps the team attract the best renters for the properties they manage and keep them for longer.

The program offers all Leap renters an exclusive range of benefits and rewards – everything from monthly prizes like movie passes to restaurant discounts – providing they do the right things, like pay their rent on time, maintain the property and, hopefully, stay as a long-term happy tenant.”

The list of Leap Lifestyle Membership rewards includes:

  • - a chance to win a brand-new car to the value of a renter’s yearly rent;

  • - discounts on events at Eynesbury, such as the Winter Festival;

  • - discounts on dining at Eynesbury restaurants;

  • - discounts on playing at the renowned Eynesbury Golf Course;

  • - up to $1000 worth of gift voucher giveaways each month; and

  • - a chance at winning a five-star staycation each month.

The Leap Lifestyle Membership is just one of the reasons the team has achieved an incredible amount of success since it launched in 2015. The team is finding clients are renting at Eynesbury while saving for their own home or waiting for their home to be built.

Our research found 98 per cent of homes we lease in the outer suburbs have three or more bedrooms, allowing families to rent without compromising on space,” Leap partner and General Manager, Marius Mrugala said.

The rental costs in the areas we operate are often much better value than areas closer to the city, including some other outer-ring suburbs, plus you get some great lifestyle benefits too. For example, the township of Eynesbury has an 18-hole golf course, off-leash dog parks and walking and cycling tracks, making it the perfect place for future homebuyers and their families to save a deposit while enjoying the good life.”

This is the second time a Resimax Group company has won the Game Changer of the Year Award, with Tick Homes taking out the category in 2018 for its virtual reality, one-to-one scale homes.

To learn more about Leap Real Estate’s Lifestyle Membership and services, visit


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