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Stylish Drain Designs to Suit Any Application

Drain design is a significant part of any drainage system, inside or outside the house. Beyond channelling water from your shower drain or bathroom floor waste into the local wastewater system, the types of grates and drains you have can significantly impact the look and feel of your bathroom or outdoor area. Premium drains are essential, splurge a little on the hardware and avoid the cost of calling in a Sydney plumber for blocked drains.

Common Types of Drain Designs

Channel drains, square drains, corner drains, and linear drains are all popular designs for drainage systems in Sydney, Australia.

Channel drains are typically used for surface drainages, such as driveways or patios. They come in various sizes and can be customised with different grating options to match the surrounding surface.

Square drains are a versatile option that you can use in various internal and external settings. You can also customise them with different grating options to match the surrounding surface.

Corner drains are designed to fit in the corner of a room and are commonly used in the shower and wet room applications. You can also customise them with different grating options to match the surrounding surface.

Linear drains are a stylish solution for shower and wet room applications and can be customised with different grating options. They are also available in various lengths and widths to suit the project's specific needs.

Customisation options are generally available for those looking for a stylish solution to their drainage project. You can change the grating options to match the surrounding surface, and the size and shape of the drain can be tailored to the project's specific needs.

Common Grate Patterns For Drain Design

Heelguard: one of the most fashionable grate patterns is the heelguard design. It has tiny wedge-shaped wire bars with gaps to allow water to flow. It gets its name because they’re easier to walk over than grate patterns with larger holes that can be a hazard for anyone wearing heeled shoes.

Tile Insert: offers a more concealed appearance because the insert piece is completely covered with tiles, leaving space around the perimeter of the drain where water can gather and eventually flow into the tray.

Line Pattern: a rectangular slot hole pattern that gives any bathroom a simple yet fashionable appearance.

Square Pattern: a similarly modern appearance at a reasonable price with tiny rectangular holes similar to line pattern grates.

Brick Pattern: attractive and reasonably priced; brick pattern grates have holes that are equally long and rectangular but are arranged differently from line pattern grates.

Stylish Drain Design Changes

Drain design and grate pattern styles have evolved over the years to match interior design trends and advancements in home-building technology.

In the past, grates and drains were primarily made from metal, such as steel or iron, and often featured simple, functional designs. However, as interior design trends have shifted towards a more modern and minimalist aesthetic, the grates and drains' style has also evolved to match. Today, grates and drains are available in many materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, and even plastic, and can feature sleek, contemporary designs.

New building materials and construction methods have also influenced the design of grates and drains. For example, the increasing popularity of tiled floors in homes and commercial buildings has led to the development of linear drains, designed to be integrated seamlessly into tiled floors.

Furthermore, with the rise of sustainable buildings, many manufacturers produce drainage products made from recycled materials to reduce water consumption and improve water quality.

Choosing A Stylish Drain Design and Grate Pattern

Customers looking for stylish drain designs should consider the following factors before choosing their desired drain design and grate pattern:

Material: Drain grates and covers are available in many materials, such as stainless steel, aluminium, and plastic. Stainless steel is a popular choice for its durability and modern look, while aluminium is lightweight and resistant to corrosion.

Size and Shape: Drain grates come in various sizes and shapes, from traditional round or square designs to more modern linear or slot drain designs. Customers should choose a size and shape that best fits their project and aesthetic.

Grate Pattern Style: Drain grate patterns come in various styles, such as slotted, perforated, or decorative. The grate type can significantly impact the overall aesthetic, so choosing one that complements the surrounding area is essential.

Finish: Drain grates are available in various finishes, such as brushed, polished, or powder-coated. The finish can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the drain, so customers should choose one that complements the surrounding area.

Sustainability: Many customers also look for sustainable options, such as drains made of recycled materials or designed to reduce water consumption and improve water quality.

It is important to note that while stylish drain designs can add a modern and elegant touch to any project, they also need to be functional, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. Customers should also ensure that the design they choose complies with local building codes and regulations.

Finding Local Drain Suppliers in Sydney

The best place to buy high-quality grates and drains that look fantastic and endure the test of time is from local Australian vendors. It’s even better when their products are always in stock, with 24-hour lead times and dependable courier dispatch. Reach out to your local drain supplier in Sydney to access a wide range of drainage hardware and supplies alongside stylish drain designs and grate patterns to improve the look and feel of your bathroom.


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