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What Should You Not Miss for Your Next Trade Show?

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Every exhibitor desires to have a successful trade show and a platform that helps to discover new clients. Every show requires effort, money, and time to achieve a specific result of gaining new business from it.

You can be an expert in your domain, but it does not necessarily mean that you have expertise regarding trade shows. Leveraging the exhibits to their maximum potential is critical for saving the money and time you invest in these trade shows.

You should not consider mistakes as anomalies as these are common whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran. This article highlights all those aspects that you should take care of at your next trade show.

Choose the Apt Trade Show

The vital starting point on your agenda is to select a relevant trade show and not a popular one. However, a popular trade show is a great tool to showcase your offerings, but if it is the only driving criterion to participate, it can be a costly mistake.

Apart from the popularity and the footfall of visitors, shortlisting an ideal exhibition space is critical too. For example, comic con is the most sought-after con event across the world. However, if your business interests are not in sync with the same, let us say it is iron and steel, then comic con is the last place for you to be.

Therefore, you can choose to answer the following before deciding on a particular event:

  • * Is there a synergy between the trade show and your brand?
  • * Is your target audience matching with that of the trade show?
  • * What does the trade show cater to, B2B or B2C?

Choose the Correct-Sized Booth

Once you have an apt trade show shortlisted, you can determine your objectives from the tradeshow booth. If you are new to trade shows, have an inline instead of shelling out large sums on the island booth. 

The possible options of 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 square meters are great for an inline. However, the island booth has an advantage as they are near the main entrance. Such an arrangement is present along the main aisle near the center. You also get a tall height and square footage.

Appropriate Booth Appearance

The first impression that one gets of the show booth is from their appearance. It has the potential to drive attendees of the trade show towards you. Ensuring to cover all the basics is a good idea for any trade show booth. The booth design idea should be engaging and appealing.

Your booth’s trade show backdrop should effectively inform the visitors about your business. It should have a design that creatively puts forth a straightforward and witty message about your business. A clutter-free and clean booth will help your prospects to have a better view of your products and services.

Putting riders on your budget beforehand may not be a great idea.

Declutter Your Booth Design

It often happens that the exhibitors pursue gimmicks to showcase their business during the trade show. Without understanding the relevance or implication of a particular trend or visual tool, exhibitors should not use it. The visual appeal of any element is not the best parameter to consider while deciding on these.

The fitment, lighting, and overall color palette of your booth design should fit your brand guidelines. It is a wrong approach to opt for certain fixtures and colors as they are in vogue. 

Touchscreens and VR work well if it is in sync with your offering. Having elements that do not have any cohesive or inherent purpose for your brand will deter people from engaging with it. Thus, ceasing the brand recall opportunities for the attendees.

Proper Training of Booth Staff

Exhibitors often overlook staff training. The fate of a trade show can get altered due to the staff present at the booth. Experienced staffs' presence is critical to help you with the negotiation process, client engagement, decision-making, and sales closure.

Maintain Quality of Giveaways

It is not advisable to give away promotional items that are of inferior quality at the trade show. Therefore, instead of wasting your valuable money, it is better to find a purpose for the investment that you make in giveaways. 

You can have games and contests that can help you engage with your visitors at the trade show.

So, as you can see, maintaining the above factors can help you achieve better results for your next trade show. Apart from these, you should not miss engagement with your target audience on social media platforms too.

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