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LONDON, Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- D3O[1], the world's leading impact protection brand, is delighted to announce that it has extended its license agreement with leading mobile accessory brand, EFM[2]®.

D3O EXTENDS LICENSE AGREEMENT WITH FAST-GROWTH AUSTRALIAN MOBILE ACCESSORY BRAND, EFM EFM phone case protected by D3O®, undergoing testing at the D3O Global Innovation Lab in London, UK

The extension sees EFM's integration of market leading D3O protection into its standout Case Armour and Screen Armour protection range continue for another 3 years.

D3O's brand and state-of-the-art protective materials and technologies have fuelled EFM's meteoric rise to the summit of the Australian and New Zealand markets as the fastest growing mobile accessories brand in the region.

Stuart Sawyer, CEO of D3O said: "We are delighted to continue our relationship with EFM. Our partnership has gone from strength to strength over the past four years, and we are committed to ensuring they have the most innovative protective materials and the benefit of the D3O brand as they continue to grow and extend their reach in the consumer electronics space."

Carl Bonham, CEO of Force Technology, said: "D3O's market-leading protective materials and technologies have set the scene for EFM's rapid growth to a highly successful brand, and will ensure we stay ahead in the mobile accessories market. We are delighted to build on such a solid foundation with D3O, and look forward to what the future brings."

D3O's position as market leader in Impact Protection is founded around the company's commitment to continuous innovation for the benefit of its consumers, with:

  • D3O® Bio, the world's leading plant-based impact protection material, featured in EFM Bio+ Case Armour ranges.
  • D3O® with 5G Signal Plus™ Technology, the world's best 5G-optimised impact protection, featured in EFM Cayman, Aspen, Alta, and Monaco Wallet Case Armour ranges.
  • D3O® Crystalex™, the clearest, thinnest, and most advanced impact protection ever, featured in EFM Aspen, Cayman, and Alta Case Armour ranges.
  • D3O® ScreenSafe, scientifically engineered screen protection providing smartphone screens with supreme impact resistance and pristine optical clarity. Featured in EFM D3O ScreenSafe Glass Screen Armour, which guarantees up to 6 times more shatter resistance than an unprotected screen, and D3O ScreenSafe Screen Armour, offering up to 8 times more shatter resistance.

ABOUT D3O ([3])D3O is a fast-growth Protection company that develops and markets world leading impact protection products. With offices in the UK, US and China, D3O partners with a broad portfolio of world-class brands that include the US Department of Defense, Adidas, Triumph Motorcycles and Fox Racing. From body protection for professional athletes and motorcyclists to helmet liner systems that mitigate against traumatic brain injury, D3O is recognized as the authority on Impact Protection. 

ABOUT FORCE TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL ([4])Force Technology International is a specialist distribution business with 30 years' experience in manufacturing, sourcing, marketing and distributing mobile phone and tablet accessories to resellers throughout Australia. With a clear focus on performance and growth, our goal is to maintain and grow our market position, as a standout leader in the mobile phone and tablet accessory industry in Australia.

ABOUT EFM ([5])Australian brand EFM® designs, manufactures and sells a range of quality affordable device gear for a modern life that empowers people to get the most out of their busy lifestyle of work and play.



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