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Vietnam's Largest Real Estate Developer Unveils Vision for a Global Wellbeing Destination

HANOI, VIETNAM - Media OutReach Newswire - 27 February 2024 - Vinhomes, Vietnam's leading real estate developer, unveiled its groundbreaking vision for Ocean City, a 1,200-hectare mega-complex envisioned as a "Wellness City" designed to revolutionize urban living.

Marking a first in the healing industry, the unique wellness ecosystem within Ocean City prioritizes residents' physical, mental, and emotional well-being alongside residential spaces, luxury amenities, and connectivity.

Ocean City, a 1,200-hectare mega-complex envisioned as a a

Fueled by Vietnam's booming economy and attractiveness to global citizens, Ocean City aspires to be a "Destination City of Healing," attracting tourists, businesspeople, and experts seeking a transformative experience that nurtures mind, body, and spirit.

Envisioned as an urban jewel on the global stage, Ocean City is a testament to the unwavering belief in the potential of Vietnam and Vinhomes' commitment to sustainable development. By prioritizing wellness, Ocean City sets a new standard for cityscapes, offering a glimpse into a healthier, happier future for global citizens.

A Dream Ripples to Life, Powered by Vinhomes Vision

Recognizing the prospect of the booming wellness industry, Vinhomes aims to revolutionize the market by leveraging its strengths as Vietnam's leading real estate developer. Building upon its capital and scale, Vinhomes aspires to create a holistic wellness ecosystem that encompasses facilities, living spaces, and a vibrant community. This integrated approach seeks to address the fragmentation within the industry, offering a seamless and comprehensive wellness experience for all.

Vinhomes' Ocean City envisions thriving communities nestled in nature's embrace. Each meticulously planned residential complex boasts integrated facilities, lush green spaces, and a focus on environmental harmony. Furthermore, Vinhomes aspires to nurture vibrant communities, fostering a spirit of modern living and warm hospitality. Their residents are not simply occupants, but valued members of a thriving ecosystem designed for an outstanding quality of life.

Vinhomes' integration of the real estate ecosystem with wellness industry is expected to be a game-changer, since its strategic footprint spans Vietnam's prime locations, aligning with rapidly urbanizing cities and burgeoning tourism destinations. As of 2024, 29 urban complexes stand as testaments to the developer's commitment. From Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Quang Ninh and Bac Ninh, Vinhomes' projects have promised to continue shaping the landscape of Vietnam, one ideal neighborhood at a time.

Poised to become Vinhomes' largest investment project within a decade, Ocean City is envisioned as a urban jewel reshaping residents' lifestyle with a seamless blend of sophisticated amenities, world-class experiences, and quality living environments - all within a vibrant and connected setting. Three complexes Vinhomes Ocean Park 1, Vinhomes Ocean Park 2, and Vinhomes Ocean Park 3 are turned into three "Districts", which are consistently designed, but still play their own roles, accomplishing such a harmonization for Ocean City.

Nestled in Vietnam's golden triangle of Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, and Hanoi, this 1,200-hectare mega-complex taps into the region's vibrant energy. Seamlessly connected to Vietnam's capital and the golden economic zone, Ocean City joins a new socio-economic powerhouse forging its own path in the East.

A Wellbeing Destination for Global Citizens

In our increasingly connected world, Vinhomes' vision transcends national borders. They aim to create a healing destination for global citizens seeking investment and business opportunities in Hanoi, realizing this vision through Ocean City.

Ocean City transforms residents' doorstep into a seaside oasis, with the world's largest artificial saltwater lagoon - Crystal Lagoon, and freshwater lake with pristine white sand beaches - Pearl Lake, along with the world's largest artificial wave-making saltwater lagoon complex - VinWonders Hanoi Wave Park and VinWonders Hanoi Water Park.

Ocean City doesn't just build, it shrinks the world's wonders, bringing them together within Ocean City's embrace. Classic European facades line streets, where Italian-style Gondolas glide beneath Venetian bridges. Across the 830-meter man-made miniature Venice River, K-Town whispers tales of the East with traditional Korean houses nestled amidst vibrant hues. At Ocean City, the whispers of East and West converge, weaving a tapestry of unique experiences unlike any other.

Ocean City prioritizes residents' physical, mental, and emotional well-being alongside residential spaces, luxury amenities, and connectivity.

Beyond the sun-kissed beaches and vibrant crowds, Ocean City's pulse thrives with cutting-edge business. Smart office towers stand shoulder-to-shoulder with leisure havens, ensuring you can keep pace with the world's economic rhythm without leaving paradise. Its TechnoPark Tower, rising from Vinhomes Ocean Park 1, has become Vietnam's first smart building to conquer the prestigious IBcon Digie Awards, eclipsing rivals across the globe.

In order to meet the needs of both Vietnamese and foreign residents for living, working, and relaxation, Ocean City, as a bustling community of over 60,000, developed infrastructure and urban amenities meticulously and synchronously. But its vision stretches far beyond the present with a potential future capacity of 200,000 residents.

The young and dynamic multinational resident community cultivates a vibrant atmosphere and fosters a unique "urban personality" for Ocean City, making it a world-class destination within Vietnam, where lifestyle trends are set.

Where Futures Blossom

Beyond a dazzling destination for global citizens, Ocean City blooms as a nurturing cradle for future generations. This comprehensive haven offers space for growth, fostering well-rounded individuals ready to shape the world. Ocean City prioritizes holistic wellbeing with state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, diverse educational options, and a welcoming environment for residents of all backgrounds.

Nestled within its heart, a state-of-the-art hospital thrums with cutting-edge technology. Beyond standard care, 18 luxurious villas whisper promises of serenity, overlooking the sparkling lake. Education flourishes within Ocean City's walls, with prestigious names like Brighton College and Dewey International School welcoming their first students this year. VinUni, hand-in-hand with Cornell University, nurtures future leaders through high-caliber international programs.

But Ocean City is more than just classrooms and clinics. Buildings with density below 30% coexist harmoniously with over 1.5 million square meters of green havens, offering residents an average of 2-4 square meters of fresh air per person. Lush parks unfurl alongside sports fields, inviting residents to embrace open-air pursuits, while sparkling pools and diverse playgrounds beckon both youngsters and adults.

Vietnam's largest conference center complex promises to host groundbreaking ideas, while a sprawling theater and cinema district ignites cultural passions. And as if that wasn't enough, a free electric bus system whisks you to Hanoi, seamlessly blending urban vibrancy with natural bliss.

"Ocean City highlights our belief in the power of human connection, in the potential of Vietnam, and in the transformative magic of a city built on dreams. Beyond a project, it's a community, a beacon of hope, and a testament to the human spirit's unwavering pursuit of a brighter tomorrow", says Mrs. Nguyen Thu Hang, CEO of Vinhomes.

"Together with residents, Vinhomes envisions and builds humane and environmentally responsible communities. This collaborative journey drives our passion to create Vietnam's most livable spaces, where residents are not just occupants, but co-creators of their happy lives."

As the world evolves, Vinhomes embraces change by envisioning not just transformed urban landscapes, but healthier and more fulfilling ways of living for all.

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