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Guide to Pool Fencing Regulations in NSW

  • Written by News Co Media

A large portion of the deaths and injuries that occur as a result of drowning in private pools affect children under the age of five years. One of the major reasons why these accidents occur is due to inadequate or absent pool fencing. It is why there has been strict enforcement of tighter regulations regarding pool fencing in recent times.

While the minute details may vary between different states, most regulations regarding pool fencing Melbourne are the same throughout Australia. Whether you are in NSW or Sydney, you can follow these guidelines and create your own pool fences using fencing supplies. Some of the major safety requirements for pool fencing in New South Wales are mentioned below.

Pool Fencing Requirements in New South Wales

* The pool fence must be 1.2 meters or 3.94 feet high from the ground level to stop toddlers and young children from climbing over.
* The fence must have less than a 10 cm or 3.94 inches ground clearance to stop children from squeezing underneath the fence.
* The fence must have less than 10 cm or 3.94 inches between the vertical bars to prevent children from squeezing across the bars.
* If you are using the boundary fence as the pool fence, it must have a height of at least 1.8 meters or 5.91 feet.
* Any horizontal climbable bars in the pool fence must be more than 90 cm or 35.4 inches.
* If the pool uses mesh fences with perforations, the holes must be bigger than 13 mm or 1.3 cm. It applies to the pool fences that are at least 1.2 meters or 3.94 feet high.
* If the barrier is 1.8 meters or 5.91 feet high, the holes can be larger than 13 mm or 1.3 cm in size, provided they do not exceed 100 mm or 10 cm in size each.
* Every pool fence must be well-maintained and free from any damage that may compromise its structural integrity. Defects like holes or broken rails may result in accidents or injury if not repaired on time.

Non-Climbable Zone

To prevent children from climbing over the fence and falling into the pool, there must be a non-climbable zone around the pool which should be 90 cm outside the pool and 30 cm inside the pool. Each distance is measured as an arc shape starting at the top of the fence.

To increase safety, the non-climbable zone must be kept clear of all objects, including trees, pots, plants, shrubs, etc. Such objects may be used by children to climb over the fence resulting in grave accidents and injury.

Pool Fence Maintenance

* All screws and bolts used in the pool fence must be tight.
* All loose screws and bolts should be tightened, removed, or replaced as needed.
* Every hinge or latch within the pool fence structure must be kept well-lubricated.
* Timely maintenance and repairs must be done as the need arises.

Maintaining your pool fence is important for the safety of guests, neighbours and your family. The pool and its surrounds are also a major component of the value of a property.

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