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Auto market trends and their impact on rental businesses

In the past decade, the car rental industry has become increasingly popular worldwide, not only among commuters but also the local population. This trend has been driven by the growing mobility of major cities, rising tourist traffic, and a rising interest in modern forms of transport.

Business owners must continuously monitor the market, its evolution and the emergence of new trends in order to be able to react quickly. Business flexibility enables rental companies to remain profitable and attract new customers.

It is imperative that you take a closer look at the car rental and hire market and familiarise yourself with the potential risks of the industry.

Analysing the increase in popularity of car rental 

The car rental market in Europe has grown significantly over the last five years. There has been an increase in the number of people renting or hiring cars. This rise in demand can be attributed to several key factors:

  • Mobility and convenience. The development of internet platforms as well as the proliferation of modern technology has influenced car hire to become a particularly convenient way of travelling for tourists and people who are on business trips.  The need for mobility and comfort becomes the rationale for car hire.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Not every person can afford the considerable financial investment involved in buying a car. Additionally, it is essential to bear in mind that the maintenance of the vehicle also involves financial costs. Therefore, some individuals may prefer to rent a car, which alleviates certain responsibilities.
  • A wide range of vehicle models. Car rental and hire companies provide their customers with a wide range of vehicles. Thus, users can select any model and class of vehicle and promptly switch vehicles if necessary.
  • Increase in tourist flow. Tourism in Europe is rapidly developing, leading to increased demand for car hire and rental services. This allows travellers to be mobile and explore exciting new places in comfort.  

Consider the main factors that affect supply and demand in the automobile market:

  • Economical conditions. It is important to note that the income level of the population and economic stability have a direct impact on the ability of customers to use car rental and car hire services. However, during economic crises, there is often a decrease in demand for these services.
  • Tourist flow. In cities that are popular tourist destinations or business hubs, the demand for rental cars is significantly impacted by the number of visitors. These cities experience the highest demand for car rentals. 
  • Competition within the market. What is important to remember is that the more competition there is, the harder it is to attract customers. A saturated market can create conditions that affect market price reductions.
  • Infrastructure development. The presence of a well-developed transport infrastructure can also influence the increase in demand for car rental and car hire.

Challenges faced by car rental companies due to changes in the property market

Changes in the market can significantly impact a company's pricing policies. For instance, a shift in demand may require a company to adjust the cost of its services to maintain profitability. Similarly, increased competition in the marketplace will affect the way businesses operate, forcing them to look for competitive advantages that will help them attract more customers.

Business owners must constantly monitor market changes, analyse trends, and promptly respond to even the smallest shifts. It is crucial to modernise operations and create optimal conditions for activities. The introduction of modern tools, such as CRM systems, greatly facilitates business processes and enables effective data acquisition, analysis and interaction with customers and the market itself.  

The role of a CRM system in the car rental industry 

The CRM system for car rental businesses is efficient online software that simplifies the analysis and accounting of service quality and customer satisfaction at all stages. It optimises business procedures and is outstanding for its functionality, ease of implementation and utilisation. This online software is designed for companies that want to improve the efficiency of their work and optimise their business development.

It is particularly important to note that the software has its own features. By using a CRM system, you can simplify inventory and equipment management. The software offers a variety of management tools, including online booking, rental time pricing, and accounting for available and rented vehicles. This allows for a significant reduction in maintenance costs and employee control.

It should be noted that a CRM system has a significant number of merits that make it a sought-after tool for business owners. For car rental and car hire companies, some of the main functions worth mentioning include:

  • The software helps to keep records of all transport units of the company. It allows for billing by hours, minutes, days, based on the operation of the service.
  • Online software allows you to keep a precise countdown of the rental time, which makes it possible to simplify the calculation process with your client. The programme operates in real time, recording all data.
  • CRM system allows you to quickly inspect the rented or available vehicles, which enables you to promptly provide the client with the right service.
  • A flexible booking system facilitates the procedure and saves time for both employees and customers.
  • The information regarding customers and their enquiries is stored in a centralised database. This allows managers to deliver a personalised approach towards each client.

Car hire and rental software, such as Rentsyst, enables you to streamline your workflow and offer your customers an improved service, which can lead to increased customer loyalty.


Renting or hiring a car enables customers to travel comfortably, even if they do not possess their own vehicle. Vehicles of any configuration, brand and model can be hired to match the purpose of the trip, saving time on assignments. As a result, many companies providing car hire and rental services have emerged within the market.

In today's business environment, car sharing companies must have a competitive advantage to attract customers and remain profitable. Business owners should monitor market trends and promptly adapt to changes to provide the best service and a personalised approach.


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