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Brisbane Sellers Opt for New Headline Reno Features

  • Written by John Salmon, Brisbane Master Plumber

Usually, renovations to prepare a home for sale are on the more aesthetic side. Painting, interior decorating, kitchen remodelling, flooring, outdoor living updates and the like are the renovation go-tos. But function over form are what Brisbane sellers are now opting for. Plumbing renovations provide a massive boost to property value due to their convenience and energy efficiency.

Spruced up plumbing means less effort for the new homeowners later, making a home both more attractive and pricier. You just need to choose the right renovations to get a great return.

What are the top renos for boosting value?

Backyard Drainage

If you are planning to landscape your garden in preparation for sale, it’s not just about aesthetics. While planting pretty plants is great, your backyard needs proper drainage.

Poor drainage leads to water damage. It’s a nasty defect that leads to damaged foundations and walls as well as mould. You can properly drain your home by installing stormwater drains, drain pipes and channels and retaining walls with licensed professionals.

Good backyard drainage prevents soil erosion and water damage. Soil erosion means that the ground is unable to absorb water, causing runoff. As a result, soil erosion worsens flooding. This also goes the other way. Flooding itself can cause soil erosion and create boggy areas of pest attracting garden. Either way, effective backyard drainage is important for flood prone areas.

The benefits of updated backyard drainage are major selling points. Backyard drainage also means healthy and maintained plants which contribute to both curb appeal and customer appeal.

With some Brisbane suburbs taking a beating from constant flood risks, flood management is a big concern for home buyers. Now, good backyard drainage with a pump is the new ‘must have.’ An outdoor sump pump helps remove water and redirect it. So be sure to check if your home is on the Brisbane flood plain.

Water and Energy Efficient Hot Water Systems

Over 25% of your energy bill is used for your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry hot water. By finding a more efficient hot water system, whether it is gas, electric or solar, you can increase the demand and selling price of your home.

While more costly, you can opt for a solar hot water system. Solar hot water is a major improvement in energy efficiency. A reduction in power bills is an invaluable feature to a home. With the current solar rebates and energy schemes, now may be a good time to install a solar hot water system. You can decrease your spending while maximising your return on investment.

When it comes to replacing aged solar hot water installations, homeowners are increasingly opting to replace their solar hot water with new and highly efficient heat pump hot water systems. Rather than using available roof space for a solar hot water system, they are instead running the extremely energy efficient heat pump hot water system from electricity generated by the home’s solar pv panels and battery storage.

Water Pumps

Efficient water pumps are not only an essential part of a drainage system on a flood prone property, installing a new water pump is a simple way to improve any home for sale. If your home is not on mains water supply or if you have a rainwater tank system installed, a new pump ensures good water quality and proper water pressure. Because they are more water and energy efficient, water pumps are a practical improvement that homebuyers will love. Make sure to pick the right water pump for your home’s need for a reliable water supply.

Pipe Relining

Drains not... draining? Pipe relining is a great solution to repairing pipes without having to excavate. Pipe relining improves the functionality and durability of your pipes, meaning they can last for another 50 years at least! Especially if you have an older home, pipe relining boosts the value of your home in two ways. It prevents the need for replacing aged pipes and preserves the aesthetics of your outdoor areas as excavation isn’t needed.

Pipe relining does not sound as sexy as a new bathroom.  However, if you are thinking of selling, slow drains identified on a pre-purchase inspection report will send up immediate red and expensive sounding flags to potential homebuyers. Bathroom, kitchen, and other plumbing renovations are often seen as the more expensive renovation projects. However, pipe relining is the cheapest and fastest option to get rid of obvious plumbing problems when selling a home.

If you want a good return on your house sale, it’s time to go practical with renovations in preparation for selling a home.

About the author

This contribution is by John Salmon. An entrepreneur driven by dissatisfaction in the status quo and a knack for plumbing, John founded Salmon Plumbing in 1991. Based in Brisbane, John dedicates himself to providing residential and commercial plumbing solutions, prioritising customer service, compliance, and excellence at the forefront of his business model. Honoured with the 2023 Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ) President’s Award, John’s expertise within the industry is well established.


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