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How to Optimize Your Catering Business

As a catering business owner, you may be looking for new ways to get new clients and get your product out there to more clients when there seems to be lots of competition. The catering business can be hard if you aren't innovative and staying updated with trends. Below are different ways to improve and optimize your catering business in your area.

Be Willing to Travel

Traditionally, catering businesses were partial to certain areas, because they didn't want to travel with food and it not stay warm for too long. With so many events being held in rural places, the need for caterers to travel is on the rise. If you want to improve your business and expand to a new base, you will need to travel a good distance, maybe to another town over, and make preparations to get your product out there. Be careful traveling, though, as nearly 50,000 Americans die on U.S. highways each year.

Include Flowers and Decorations With Your Catering

While most caterers are strict about keeping to food and drink options, you can choose to include flowers and decorations in your packages if that's what your guests would like. With many events being weddings and parties, this is a great time for your host to show their appreciation to their guests through you with the addition of nice bouquets and centerpieces around the food. 92% of women remember the last time they received flowers, and if you provide them with a meal, they'll remember you for their catering needs in the future.

Host Tasting Events

When you don't have an event scheduled for a weekend or a busy night on the town, host tasting events where potential clients can come and try small portions of your best items. These are great at trade shows and wedding venues where vendors meet and set up for guests to enjoy. You can also be a part of local events hosted by the city council with the other restaurants in the area.

Embrace Social Media

Social media are free; you should embrace it if you aren't taking advantage of it. It does take work to post, add statuses, and even do live clips. However, customers follow active groups and look to be open for business. If you haven't posted in a while and clients are looking for a caterer, they may think you closed the shop and are no longer working. Please take a couple of hours daily through different media outlets to post and be active with their clients. Feel free to respond to reviews and check your messages regularly to answer questions they may have about your availability and menu.

Wrap Your Vehicle

If you have a vehicle you use regularly for your catering, ensure you get it wrapped so that everyone who passes you on the highway knows who you are and how to contact you. A wrapped vehicle tells clients you are actively looking for new business and investing in your company. Seeing your car around will familiarize them with your brand, and you will be the first phone call they make when they have catering needs or need to tell someone else about your catering services. 90% of parking lots are made of asphalt, so be careful to avoid any potholes to keep your vehicle in good condition.

Build A Network

If you do many of the same events, feel free to build a relationship with other vendors. They will be likely to recommend you to their clients, and you can do the same, helping each other out and establishing a connection. For example, wedding venues often see the same vendors. If you make friends with one of the popular photographers, you will both be able to support each other's business.

Since catering can be a competitive business, it's important to stand out among the competition and let your clients know you are ready to assist them in whatever they need. Take advantage of at least one of these options so that you can see your catering business grow and take off. If you notice success from one, feel free to add more to your list until you have enough clients to keep you busy all the time.


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