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Ninety Years in the Business – The Secrets of Australia’s Most Enduring Painting Firm

Operating for an incredible 90 years so far, AJ Cochrane & Sons is Australia’s most enduring painting firm, earning over 60 awards for excellence to date and continuing to be recognised for fantastic service. And when you consider that the average lifespan of an Australian company has fallen to just 10 years, the feat of staying operational for almost 100 years can’t be overstated.

In Good Company

Often, trade companies come and go, rarely standing the true test of time. After so many years in business, AJ Cochrane joins the ranks of an illustrious cohort of companies, including the likes of Wallace Bishop, Qantas, and Wesfarmers.

These businesses have weathered every financial storm, from the Great Depression to the bubble burst and everything in between. Almost a century in the industry has provided the AJ Cochrane team with insight into what it takes to build and sustain a successful business - because of and despite changing socio-economic conditions.

As a family-owned and operated trade firm, AJ Cochrane’s longevity isn’t the product of big budgets and wealthy investors. So how does this business carry on?

An Unwavering Commitment to Service Excellence

The answer is simple. AJ Cochrane has survived based on a commitment to excellent customer service and incredible painting results.

For this Perth-based business, service quality and happy customers are the foundation for growth and consistency. By continuing to deliver on a high-quality promise, they’ve been able to maintain a loyal client base, even during changing times.

This small family trade business doesn’t try to compete with the giants. The Cochranes know that their appeal lies in the personalised service they can provide. 

"We're on the third generation of Cochrane painters now, and a fourth generation is on its way up. Our dad knew that looking after clients, doing a good job for them and charging a fair price was the only way a family-owned painting business could survive and thrive,” said Stephen Cochrane, third-generation Perth painter.

By putting the customer first and never compromising on high standards, the business established itself early as a quality painting provider. Ever since, each generation of painters has built the skills and service mindset needed to maintain a great legacy reputation.

“We had that drilled into us from childhood, so we work very hard to keep the family tradition alive,” said Cochrane.  

AJ Cochrane & Sons shows no signs of slowing down. As the business approaches 100 years in business, customers continue to rely on the excellent results that have always made AJ Cochrane a first choice for residential and commercial painting. 


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