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Trusted partners: why I’m proud to support a powerful Australian Fintech in their business expansion and success

I truly believe that technology has the power to transform lives in countless ways. From simplifying everyday tasks to tackling the world's most significant challenges, innovative solutions can touch the lives of millions of people. It's this passion for technology and entrepreneurship that led me to co-found Arcanys in 2010, together with my longtime friend and business partner, Alan Debonneville.

As an IT staff augmentation and software development expert, Arcanys empowers clients—startups and enterprises alike—with skilled Filipino developers who build, enhance and fortify their software solutions. With a focus on quality, scalability, and performance, we aim to equip our clients' products to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, enabling them to thrive and grow in the ever-evolving market. Today, we boast a team of over 310 exceptional talents spread across the Philippines (and a few in Bulgaria). We have forged strong connections with Australian companies, where many of our engineers seamlessly work as integral remote members of their tech teams.

One such success story is Payment Logic, one of Australia's fastest-growing technology companies. Payment Logic has revolutionized payment platforms since their inception in 2013, streamlining processes, optimizing cash flow, and enhancing security for businesses.

In 2016, they reached out to Arcanys when they faced challenges finding suitable and reliable local developers. We eagerly deployed two of our engineers to join their team. Through a paid eight-week trial, our team worked to enhance Payment Logic's software solution, enabling critical business functions crucial to their growth. Together, we implemented Scrum Agile software development methodologies and established an Arcanys-based Account Management team to handle their surging customer base.

The collaboration between our teams has been extraordinary since then: we have shipped over 50 live releases annually, contributing to Payment Logic's remarkable 150% year-over-year growth since our partnership began. Their accolades as one of Australia's fastest-growing technology companies (Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 in 2018 and 2019) and a leader in the Bill Payment Provider industry are a testament to the incredible impact of our successful partnership.

As we continue this journey, seeing the growth and the beautiful engineering culture we've achieved together fills me with great satisfaction. Since 2016, the trust Payment Logic placed in us has grown from just two team members to a thriving team of 23. The robustness of Payment Logic's payment platforms, enjoying 100% availability and uptime, speaks volumes about their visionary founder, Mark Nimco, and the strength of our tech partnership.

Knowing that we played a part in that journey fuels our drive to excel every day and strengthens our commitment to providing the best developers and thinkers out there. Our story proves that combining strengths toward a common goal can achieve incredible things. As we move forward, our bond grows stronger, and we eagerly anticipate the future ahead.

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