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What is Data Science?

Data is a wonderful thing. Collected by all sorts of devices, whether it be your smartphone, the GPS in your car, or even the systems that support our everyday lives. Data can be powerful, when you’re looking to utilise it to create positive outcomes. For example, have you considered using the data that you have in a sales database to optimise and improve what you sell to customers? This level of data detail has only recently become available, and a whole new world has opened up for the budding data analyst to explore.

Being able to use data on hand to identify and improve business operations forms a critical component of today’s embedded data science practices. Let's explore how a qualification such as a Master of Data Science online can be transformative for even the smallest of businesses, as well as how it can be a potentially rewarding career for the dedicated and interested individual.

Data is Everywhere

Let's face it, data is everywhere. Over time, this is expected to grow - from the information on photos that you take, to information on product sales from supermarkets and department stores, there are a range of resources that generate and consume data.  The world of devices known as the Internet of Things highlights just how data can be generated from nearly any source. This can present a unique set of challenges and opportunities for businesses.

Being able to get access to data can be tricky, particularly when considering where it is stored, and how it is governed. However, if you are able to get access to data, you are then able to start using it to create insights. Don't underestimate just how powerful data is, once it is cleaned, transformed and flowing through your business. All of a sudden, you have this data pipeline where you can start to analyse data.

Data Opens New Doors

Understanding that data opens new doors and a qualification in understanding data can be a great way to gain the skills and techniques necessary to get the most out of your data. Being able to pull apart and dissect data in a way that you can then use is not only a powerful skill to have, but can also be a functional enabler for driving learnings from your data.

It's important to know that you don't have to tear everything down to a brand new format to get information out of it. Having a qualification in understanding, being able to interpret data.Is a great way to empower your organisation. Being able to even understand the simplicities of a barcode and its structures, could be a great way to drive your business to even greater heights, and start you on a broader data journey.

Data Science - The Industry of Data

Data science, simply put, is the industry of taking data in its raw and unstructured forms, transforming it into cleaned and polished insights. Data science is about understanding what it takes to standardise, optimise and improve business operations - and using the data that’s been generated to transform it into a usable format for business (and if necessary, individuals). For the end user may seem tricky, or a foreign object - however that couldn’t be further than the truth. Provided you have the skills and the technical expertise in place. Most, if not all data can be transformed to something that's beneficial for your organisation.

Where Will Data Science Take Your Team?

Data can take you lots of places. For example, there are some logistics firms that use data to transform their operations at a global level. Major corporations such as Australia Post and FedEx use data science strategies to understand how disruptions such as bad weather can impact travel times and delivery times for items. 

As a result, businesses are then able to use this live send data to make an informed decision making when notifying delivery partners of delays or concerns. For example, if there's bad weather coming, FedEx can redirect a truck to avoid assault. Alternatively, they can use this information to proactively inform their customers of delays. This is beneficial not only during bad weather, but when serious events such as the recent global pandemic have had an impact on logistics deliveries.

Data science can be transformative. But not only that, it can be incredibly powerful. You never know where data will take you. If you're looking to pursue a new career in data, prepare to be amazed by the opportunities that await you.


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