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Best Ideas to Make Passive Income Online

Ambition is never a bad thing, especially if what you aim for should provide you with a comfortable, stress-free life. Certainly, a steady, well-paid job is one of the ways to do that, but is a single income source enough for you to achieve everything you want?

If you answered yes to this question, good for you. But if you have second thoughts and realize that extra cash would be good for you, that is a sign you should do something about it. The steps you will take depend on how much you are ready to invest (both yourself and funds) and learn and what your ultimate goal is.

For most people, the goal is to have more money and financial freedom. But more money does not necessarily mean more work. That is how the concept of passive income developed, which is something like the Holy Grail of entrepreneurship. Everyone knows about it, but hardly anyone has succeeded in it. The truth is that only those who did not try and put in at least the minimum effort did not make it.

Passive income can be quite a successful venture, but it still does not mean that money will fall from the sky just like that. Getting started can be very difficult, as it requires time and energy, usually with little or no return over a long period. But if you persist through the initial challenges, the chances of success are huge. We offer you some ideas, and it is up to you to make the most of them.


In the last few years, there has been much hype around dropshipping. That is not without reason, considering the enormous potential this type of work has. It is not a "regular" sale over the Internet, but something like mediation, where you make money by acting as a connection between buyers and sellers.

It is a business model where you are the seller, but only formally. You do not actually own the products you sell but resell them directly from the supplier or manufacturer. It means you do not have the costs of procurement, storage, transportation, and distribution of goods to the end customer. Costs cut in this way leave the possibility for a good profit.

The fact that you do not invest funds does not mean you should not make an effort to succeed in dropshipping because the competition in this market is fierce. There is a huge number of online stores that follow this business model, and you have to stand out among them. Whoever finds a good advertising formula can expect success.

Dropshipping allows you to sell anything you want. You need to find the market for it and place it. And if you plan to earn substantial passive income, you have to invest your efforts and skills in good marketing. Only that way can customers know about you. Various online tools can help you with this, many of which are free.

If this idea tackles your interest, go on this page for more info:


This is another way to make a good profit with a little invested money but a lot of marketing knowledge and skills. Print-on-demand allows you to start selling without initial capital and reduces financial risks. It can be any item on which it is possible to print some custom design.

Just like in the case of dropshipping, you do not own the goods or print the final product. You actually receive the orders and forward them to the print shop. This company completes the "technical" part of the job and sends the finished product to the end customer. Your earnings are somewhere in between, that is, your profit is the difference between what you charged the customer and what you paid for the printer.

Your stake is reflected in creating an e-store where you will sell print-on-demand goods. For that purpose, you can use some of the established e-commerce platforms. As for the imprint itself, you can leave it to your own choice if you have knowledge of graphic design or hire a skilled designer to create a unique and flashy print that will attract customers.

This type of business can be an excellent passive income if you are just starting out with an online business. You can start small with just a few products to test the market. Also, it can be a great add-on to your business as a content creator or influencer. If you have a significant number of followers on social networks, you can sell printables that reflect you or what you do in some way and thus boost your income.

Make Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a relatively new concept, an upgraded version of e-books for people who do not have time to read. Any book can get its own audio format, and that is where your chances lie. There are several methods to make money from audiobooks, depending on how you want to start.

For example, if you're an author, you can narrate your own book (providing you have a proper set-up, as explained here) or hire someone to do it for you. Then publish the book on one of the suitable platforms and earn income through sales or royalties. This seems like a lot of work since you need a good book idea to get started, but it brings in the most money.

Another way to earn passive income through audiobooks is through narration. You do not have to be a book author or ghostwriter. Instead, you can do narration and record as many books as you want. You can change this job through an hourly rate but also through royalties from each copy sold.

Sell Your Knowledge

Although there is a lot of free material available on the Internet, people still have more confidence in paid courses and training. Simply, these materials are (mostly) made by people with the necessary qualifications and experience, which adds to course credibility.

So, if you have "excess" knowledge and skills, you can easily turn that into an excellent passive income stream. You can turn that knowledge into an online course or training and teach others what you know best. It can be anything from painting and crocheting to marketing and sales techniques. Simply, it can be anything at which you are good.

Once you have designed the course, you can post it on your own website or one of the e-learning platforms. Every sale brings profit as long as you have quality material. Certainly, it is good to offer some course upgrades or continuations from time to time, so that these materials remain current and in demand.

DIY Tutorials and YouTube Channels


If you don't have formal knowledge but more skills and experience in something, you can monetize them through making DIY tutorials in your home setup. They are less formal than courses and do not bring you direct earnings, that is, no one will buy your tutorial. But they will watch it, and if they find your content interesting, they will subscribe to watch more.

Provided you have some content and video creation experience, you can make money on your own blog or a dedicated YouTube channel. These will be places where you will post your tutorials, and visitors can watch these materials if they subscribe. Every subscription is your profit after settling platform fees.

Every time your video is streamed, you earn money, and your channel gains an audience. To maintain that continuity, you have to create new, engaging content regularly to attract and retain visitors. When you reach a certain following and popularity, you can earn from promoting products, reviews, unboxing, paid ads, etc.

Rent Your Property

Passive income can be earned outside the Internet, and one of the most profitable methods is renting real estate. Certainly, this type of work requires significant initial investments and funds. The return on this investment can happen very quickly.

On the following source, find out about the ins and outs of renting properties:

You can rent any extra space you have, whether a house, office space or a single room. Or if you plan to rent a living, you can, for example, invest in a multi-family building. It is a property with several residential units, and each of them is a potential income stream.

The catch with renting real estate is that it takes time and patience to achieve real passive income. If you invest in a property in a good location, the rent can increase every year. Of course, you have to make some additional investments in upgrades and renovations from time to time, but these will pay off.

When you invest in rental real estate, it can be a multiple income source. You can earn rental income from the tenancy and tax write-offs, and of course, you own real estate that you can sell at any time. You might need to start big with this method of earning passive income, but you also have a chance to gain huge profits.


Passive income is not a get-rich-quick scheme but rather a smart and strategic way to build wealth and create a more secure financial future. It does not mean completely hands-off since you need a good idea and devotion to develop your business to the point where it will bring profits with minimal effort.


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