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Be Aware and Development Ready in Victoria

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Overview of Development Ready in Victoria

Victoria is a state in Australia that has seen a great deal of development in recent years. Development Ready Victoria, also known as DRV, is the government agency responsible for overseeing and managing this growth. DRV works to ensure all new developments meet the highest standards of safety, sustainability and livability while creating economic opportunities for local businesses and communities.

DRV is an independent statutory authority that was established by the state government of Victoria in 2016. The agency’s primary role is to provide strategic advice on planning policy and major projects to support population growth, economic activity, social well-being and environmental protection across Victoria.

As part of its work, DRV provides information on planning requirements such as zoning regulations, heritage conservation principles and environmental considerations; advises on land use decisions; prepares development proposals; coordinates public consultation processes; negotiates with developers; monitors progress against targets; and evaluates achievements against performance measures.

Call Development Ready for development in Victoria that works closely with local councils who are responsible for approving development applications within their municipality or region. It also liaises with other state agencies such as VicRoads (for traffic management) or Environment Protection Authority (for air quality monitoring). The agency plays an important role in facilitating investment into infrastructure projects including transport initiatives like Regional Rail Link or Melbourne Airport. ​​

Benefits of Developing in Victoria

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is a great place to develop your career. It is home to many thriving businesses, a vibrant culture and active lifestyle. With an abundance of natural beauty and access to some of the best universities in Canada, Victoria offers an ideal environment for development and growth.

For those looking to start their own business or venture into the world of entrepreneurship, Victoria has plenty of resources and support systems in place. There are numerous government grants available for entrepreneurs as well as programs that provide mentorship opportunities with experienced business owners. Furthermore, there are various incubators geared towards helping new startups get off the ground quickly and successfully.

The city also has one of Canada’s most vibrant tech scenes with several tech-focused coworking spaces such as BC Tech Hub providing networking events and access to mentor networks within the technology sector. Additionally, there are many local accelerators such as Techstars Vancouver offering a range of resources including mentoring services from industry veterans which can help entrepreneurs take their ideas further than ever before.

The Steps Involved in Becoming Development Ready

As the world continues to evolve, businesses and organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on software development teams to provide innovative solutions. However, before a team can begin developing applications, there are several steps that must be taken to ensure the project is successful. Here we will look at what it takes to become development ready and how it can help your business or organization reach its goals.

First, you must have an idea of what you want your application or software product to do and how it should function. This requires extensive research into the current market needs as well as customer requirements in order for developers to create an effective solution that meets all of these needs. Once you have a clear idea of what you need your application or product to do, a thorough plan should be created outlining the objectives and tasks necessary for completion along with realistic timelines for each milestone.

The next step is assembling a team of experienced developers who understand both the technical aspects of software development as well as your business’s specific requirements. It’s important that each member has expertise in different programming languages so they can work together effectively towards creating a successful application or product. You also need someone who understands project management tools such as Jira in order to keep track of progress and deadlines.


Development Ready is a great choice for those looking to develop in Victoria. It provides an up-to-date catalog of development sites, resources and support services, making it easier to find the right piece of land and get the project off the ground quickly. With its wide range of options, Development Ready ensures that everyone can find a development site that meets their needs and budget. Additionally, its customer service team is friendly and helpful in guiding developers through every step of their project. All in all, Development Ready makes it easy for developers to start projects in Victoria without having to worry about navigating complicated approval processes or finding suitable land on their own.


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