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Common Myths About Personal Injury Claims: Debunked by Experienced Lawyers

Personal injury claims are subject to numerous fallacies. Most people must become more accustomed to and experienced with bringing a personal injury lawsuit after being hurt in an accident. People may be discouraged from suing or even speaking with a personal injury lawyer without first-hand knowledge due to preconceived notions and assumptions about how a case may be handled.

1. Personal Injury Attorneys Are Greedy

Insurance providers are glad to foster the perception that lawyers are greedy or dishonest. And although when the occasional unethical lawyer makes news, most personal injury lawyers are moral fighters who care deeply about justice.

Attorneys for personal injury cases are essential for holding negligent parties accountable and obtaining just settlements for their clients, such as compensatory losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, and non-economic pain and suffering damages. In exceptional circumstances, plaintiffs might receive punitive damages if the defendant’s behavior was exceptionally heinous.

2. If the Other Party Were Careless, You Would Win Without a Doubt

It might seem reasonable that if someone hurts you due to their negligence, they should be responsible for your damages, but that isn't always the case. Even in cases where the other party is clearly at fault, there is no assurance that you will prevail, especially in a world where insurance companies do everything to decrease or deny your compensation.

Their lawyer may argue that mitigating circumstances should be considered and that these circumstances may cause the reward to be reduced or even void. A trustworthy lawyer will be open, and upfront about the status of your case and will never make any guarantees.

3. Your Attorney Can Inform You of the Compensation Amount You Will Receive

Your lawyer will give you a general notion of the potential value of your case. Still, no lawyer can predict the outcome of any negotiations or court proceedings. Every case has specific facts, so what a lawyer could secure for one client may differ from what you will be eligible for. Any attorney who professes to be able to provide you with an exact estimate of your compensation needs to be more honest.

4. The Cost of Lawyers Is Too High

Some people forego legal representation because they believe they won’t afford good representation. Even though they think they have a good case, they believe they need help, money, and other resources to engage a lawyer. Furthermore, they could be concerned that they'll be forced to foot the tab for a long time even if they prevail.

Although legal costs might indeed be high, the total cost does not have to be unexpected. Before you choose a personal injury lawyer in Gary, for example, they will be transparent about their fees. In addition, most personal injury attorneys only accept cases on a contingency basis, which means they are only compensated if your claim is successful. Even more so, most law firms offer a free initial consultation to learn more about the case. In other words, you will get some free advice and guidance.

If the cost of hiring a personal injury attorney is still a concern for you, think about how much work each client receives. Personal injury attorneys carry out complex tasks for their clients, such as finding records, gathering evidence, speaking with adjusters, submitting paperwork, and negotiating settlements.

5. Any Attorney Will Accept Your Case

There are many different types of lawyers. A lawyer's ability to manage a personal injury matter is not necessarily implied by the fact that they practice law. Like a doctor who chooses to specialize in a particular branch of medicine instead of being a general practitioner, learning the ins and outs of personal injury law takes years.

Working with a skilled personal injury attorney to handle your case is your best chance of obtaining fair compensation. For this reason, you should find an attorney specializing in medical malpractice and another one (even from the same firm) with proven experience in car accidents.

6. No Need for a Personal Injury Attorney for Minor Injuries

You could believe that your injury is not severe enough to justify going through the effort of filing a claim. The injuries can, however, be more severe than you initially believe. You might also encounter adverse long-term effects and persistent symptoms, necessitating prolonged medical care.

The Bottom Line

Obtaining personal injury claim guidance is vital if you have been injured, no matter how minor you think the damage is. Speaking with an expert makes you confident that you uphold your best interests.

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