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Amit Miglani rebuilds and warns entrepreneurs of the dangers of growing too fast

  • Written by Staff Reporter

Amit Miglani is on a journey of renewed growth with the launch of his new property advisory business ‘Mig Sons & Co, and he is determined to help as many people as possible to achieve wealth through investing in property and avoid the same mistakes he made when his previous real estate business grew at an exponential rate and encountered teething problems as a result.   

I have been in the real estate industry for over 20 years and it is one of the most dynamic and exciting sectors I have ever worked in, but the last few years have taken me to hell and back. The good news is, I am back and I am stronger than ever,” Miglani said.

In 2012 I started my real estate business and over the course of several years, I worked tirelessly transforming it from a local business in Melbourne to a multinational brand with offices in Australia and overseas in China, India, Singapore and Dubai.

I went from having several staff to hundreds and turnover of around 100 million. It was an incredible period of my life that was both exhilarating and challenging. Unfortunately, funds were mismanaged by staff and as the officer in effective control of the business, I accepted full responsibility for the mistakes.

I have spent considerable time making up for these issues and learning and how to create and work with fail safe systems to ensure the highest levels of compliance and ethics to avoid similar issues in the future.

Scaling a business is hard work and even more challenging when there are high levels of complex compliance, unprecedented growth and many staff involved. Regardless, my learning is to ensure that moving forward I scale in a more manageable way and I continue to help others by sharing my experiences to assist them in avoiding the same issues I encountered.

Business can be unforgiving, but I am passionate about real estate and business and am determined to give back where possible. My focus now is to ensure I share my journey and my learnings with as many people as possible.

Thankfully I have been supported by good people around me and this has helped me to recover and rebuild my confidence, focus and my career.

I am committed to spending the rest of my life assisting others to succeed in the sector and also understand and embrace the life changing opportunities that it offers.”

Miglani has since established a property advisory called Mig Sons & Co. He is leading a team with a combined experience of over 100 years and intends to build the business, help others and showcase the financial and social benefits of creating wealth through property.

Property advisory services are an undervalued aspect of real estate investment. Our forte is in crafting unique property wealth strategies for our clients. We take into consideration our clients’ long-term investment goals and provide reliable, insightful assistance to help them achieve the best outcomes possible, Miglani said.

In the past few years, we have completed projects valued over $4-5 billion and we’re now targeting turnover of more than $100 million per quarter.

We work with some of Australia’s leading financial brokers and private lenders who are all experts in property management. Together, we assist people to access the support and services they need to grow wealth through property.”

Mindset of a millionaire

I am a tenacious learner and I believe in working hard. This is something I share with others across industry. Whether you’re just starting out in real estate investing or are a savvy, seasoned investor, you should never stop learning and expanding your expertise,” Miglani shared.

Learning about a core industry concept and taking in as much information as you can, will help you succeed in life in any endeavour. It gives you confidence and clarity in your ability to achieve your objectives.

I believe that education is important. In keeping with this philosophy, we conduct regular seminars and have annual evaluations and individual consultations with our clients. These additional seminars and training sessions help guide our clients towards achieving their goals faster, and with a more informed mind that’s up-to-date with current market trends and forecasting. The team is constantly sourcing land acreage, performing analysis and conducting due diligence. We’re constantly observing market trends and we assess and inspect potential real estate investments and earmark them for our clients.”

Multi-faceted company

Other aspects of our full-service, multi-faceted company include property acquisitions, building and construction, project management and money solutions. We work with the best money brokers and private lenders in Australia to growth our clients’ wealth in the long run,” Miglani said.

As industry leaders, we offer our clients impartial end-to-end guidance targeted at maximising the wealth and financial performance for projects of all sizes. We service both new construction sites as well as those with existing assets. We help our clients to unlock the asset values of real estate in the office, retail, industrial, community, residential and hospitality industries.

The biggest opportunities for real estate in this country involve the development of large parcels of land. We work with people to assist them to access opportunities of this scale and magnitude by investing in specific projects. This is where great gains can be made.

I am ecstatic to be back working in the real estate advisory sector and importantly helping people to growth wealth and improve their life through property investment. It has been a long journey for me but I am grateful to be here and I am excited about the future.”

About Mig Sons & Co

Founder and CEO, Amit Miglani, heads up full-service property advisory company, Mig Sons & Co. With over a century of combined industry experience, Miglani’s team has the expertise and knowledge to make real estate investment a profitable success. Having already completed projects worth $4-5 billion in total, Miglani’s next goal it to achieve a turnover target of $100 million per quarter. Miglani has the mindset of a millionaire, and a never-ceasing enquiring mind that places priority on education and life-long learning to achieve success and expertise in his career.

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