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3 Unique Office Design Ideas for Small Businesses

A work environment that entwines professionalism and comfort is essential for increasing employees' mood, productivity, and the business's overall success. The most successful work environments are the ones that adopt a homely feel yet still maintain a professional business image, like attractive color schemes, natural elements, and comfortable seating arrangements.

Doing so creates a happy, healthy environment for the workforce to thrive in, which is infectious to prospective clients and partners since there is nothing worse than walking into a work environment that needs a makeover! Whether you find ways to incorporate your brand’s colors into the décor or ditch the mailroom by investing in a virtual mailing address - we’ve outlined several unique office design ideas below to help you get started:

Ditch The Mailroom

Despite the rise of team chat applications and email communication, traditional mail remains an everyday reality for most small businesses. Businesses receive all sorts of documents via regular mail, from parcels, bills, junk mail, and contracts which all wind up in the same place, the mailroom. When businesses reach a specific size, a mailroom is required to distribute incoming mail, dispatch outgoing mail, and keep everything orderly – yet it can be a tremendous eyesore and a nuisance for offices with limited space.

Fortunately, the need for a mailroom has been lessened due to electronic communication and unique mailing services like a virtual mailing address from companies like Getting a mailing address means small businesses can eliminate or reduce the regular mail they receive since they can divert their letters and parcels to an alternate real street address. Many physical mailing address services also offer virtual mailboxes, which enable companies to manage and view their mail online. Consider visiting for more information, view their pricing/locations, or read FAQs and see how their services could help you re-design your office today.

Add Fresh Flowers

Bring the outdoors inside by adding fresh flowers to your office, which are excellent for adding color and possess qualities that can improve mood and much more. Being surrounded by fresh blooms causes the release of dopamine in our bodies which makes us feel uplifted and automatically brightens our mood.

Not to mention, flowers can help reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders, which makes employees feel better and increases their productivity. Buying fresh flowers regularly can be expensive, so if you would like a cheaper alternative, you could consider purchasing faux blooms, which deliver the same effects at a more cost-effective price (and less mess!).

Approach Local Artists

Businesses need to give back to their community. An easy way to do so is by approaching local artists or attending art galleries to see if you can purchase artwork that compliments the style of your office or commission something! Find a local artist whose work you like the style of, and see if they would be willing to create something tailor-made for your office. Get your team involved by asking what they think the finished piece should look like or what they want to see included.

In addition, see if you can find paintings that integrate your brand’s color scheme so that your company values are reflected, and a positive company image is promoted both in and out of the office.

Any one of these ideas could help to brighten up and positively change the overall dynamic of a small business. The challenge is deciding which one to choose!

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