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Messenger Recurring Notifications – 5 Brands That Are Using Them Effectively

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In times when customers are becoming more wary of invasive forms of promotion, brands are discovering new ways to establish and maintain communication. Conversational marketing is rapidly replacing older channels, and new interactive tools are playing a key role in this process.

Facebook’s introduction of Recurring Notifications in Messenger has opened new space that savvy brands are looking to use for developing closer relationships with clients. This mechanism allows marketers to send daily, weekly, or monthly reminders to customers that willingly initiated contact and opted in. Businesses from different industries pounced at this opportunity to engage their customers, with numerous examples of successful campaigns already available.

Successful Examples of Brands Using Recurring Notifications

Let’s examine some of the early success stories involving Recurring Notifications for Facebook Messenger where brands achieved impressive measurable parameters and fulfilled their chief strategic objectives:

1. BMW

Taiwan office of the famous European car maker quickly recognised the activation potential of this channel and leveraged its brand strength into an opt-in rate of 78%. By sending daily messages to local contacts from Facebook, the company managed to boost awareness and provide better customer care. Ultimately, BMW discovered that Recurring Notifications allow its promo campaigns to be bolder, more creative, and more sales-oriented.

2. Urban List

This company has a business model that involves intense communication with customers, with lots of recommendations about local events in Australia sent on a regular basis. A decision to include Recurring Notifications in the media mix and associate it with a holiday giveaway promotion allowed this Australian service provider to profit in a big way. Readers apparently appreciated the customised nature of this communication tool, as Urban List achieved a 97% read-through rate on notifications.

3. Kee Wah Bakery

As a smaller brand looking for exposure in the marketplace, Kee Wah Bakery found a smart way to amplify its online presence. Their campaign combined traditional online ads, Facebook Recurring Notifications, and a newsletter with coupons. Full 80% of the customers opted-in to receive additional notifications, while a robust 30% coupon redemption rate certainly contributed to the volume of new business for Kee Wah Bakery.

4. e-Ticket

By including actionable widgets on artist pages, online ticket service motivated fans to get in touch and initiate on-going communication. This approach is very precisely targeted, and funnels notifications to users based on their taste in music. By sharpening the promotional focus with Recurring Notifications, e-Ticket was able to directly affect sales, as a stunning 65% of users who received them completed a purchase within the same day!

5. ChicMe

This is a prime example how e-commerce brands that depend on online sales can refine their marketing. The company urged their existing customers to opt-in for daily notifications, and incentivised them with discount coupons. It didn’t take long for this approach to bring amazing returns, greatly outperforming e-mail based promotions that ChicMe relied on previously. A number that illustrates the success of the campaign is that 33% of first-time buyers became repeat customers.

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