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7 Tips for Excavation Contractors to Succeed in the Excavation Business

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Excavation is the most critical step when you embark on any construction project.

From the installation of utility lines to building walls to constructing a new home or building a successful excavation, it is crucial to your project. Why so? Every step in the process will depend on the excavation job being done correctly.

This makes an excavation business a profitable one. Whether it’s a construction project or a landscaping company, they need excavation services. It’s either they might not have the expertise or the equipment needed. 

But if you want to be in this kind of business or you’re already in it, do you know how to make it successful? 

Check out our tips to make sure your excavation in Newcastle grows revenues and gets a better reputation in the industry.

Obtain Necessary Permits Or Licences

In addition to the traditional business license or registration, you may need to get licenses or permits to operate. It could also be an approval from a local utility company prior to digging to ensure that there aren’t any lines buried beneath the soil. 

In NSW, you need a license before you take on any residential building work. This can be any of these: contractor licence, qualified supervisor licence or endorsed contractor licence. You can only do the work that’s indicated on your licence card.

A contractor licence is needed when you are a contractor and you want to advertise to do work. If you’re going to supervise, a qualified supervisor certificate allows you to do it, but not to contract for work. Meanwhile, an endorsed contractor licence is given to those applying for a contractor licence and who have the experience and other qualifications to be a qualified supervisor.

If you’re not sure which or what to obtain, consider checking with your local building contractor association.

Good Communication With Other Contractors

A construction project will have many contractors working as a team. To avoid misunderstandings and delays, effective communication is essential. Everyone must be kept informed and updated about the progress to ensure a project will run smoothly. This can even improve teamwork and result in better project collaboration.

Clear Branding To Improve Your Reputation

A professional look at every aspect of your business helps ensure that your team, vehicles, equipment and the business, in general, are easy to recognise. You need a logo or any visual image to represent your company. You can use it on all your marketing paraphernalia, such as the following: trucks, cards, shirts, job site signs, safety vests, hard hats, and even coffee cups.

Having a clear branding helps you become distinct from competitors, as well as build relationships with potential customers.

Proper Excavation Equipment

What is an excavation business without the necessary equipment? As a business owner, you need to get the proper equipment to do the job. It can be a used or a brand new one. If you can’t afford to buy yet, an option to consider is to rent what you need for your business. 

Among the needed equipment to get your excavation business going are:

  • Excavator 
  • Skid steer loader
  • Front end loader/backhoe 
  • Front end loader
  • Grader
  • Dozer
  • Scraper.

Aside from acquiring equipment, you also need a maintenance plan to prevent downtime and reduce the risk of having expensive repairs.

Share Milestones in Your Local Market

If you want to be known in the industry, get involved with the community. One way of doing it is to write and distribute news releases about company milestones. You can also announce having new hires and other newsworthy items to familiarise people about you and your brand. 

While you can still do this by using local print like newspapers and magazines, it’s also advisable to utilise your online presence. Many people are now using social media platforms to search for products and services, so you can use these platforms to also reach to your local market.

A Great Website

Did you know that your best sales tool these days is a great website? A poorly designed website might damage your company’s reputation.

As mentioned, online presence is now crucial for any business. In the same way, an up to date, professional website can help you as a business to access potential customers and partners. When your website looks great and is functional, it will communicate well your message and capacity as a company. It can reflect your credibility.

Get Involved In the Community

Being a good corporate entity is not just about giving the best services. It could also mean giving back to your community. This is definitely one best way to position your excavation company.

You can opt to donate to high-profile organisations or undertake pro bono projects. It can be as simple as clearing trees for certain events and causes. Whatever it is you choose to do, make sure it fulfills a need in your community.


Do you want to run a successful excavation company? Or is it time to scale up and expand into new markets or locations? These tips can help you grow your construction business even if you are just starting out or have been in the industry for years.


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