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What is HIE software?

  • Written by Kristina Rigina

What is HIE software? 

Sufferers, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and different well being care suppliers could safely entry and transmit very important medical info on-line, enhancing therapy high quality, security, and affordability. HIE is an abbreviation for Well being Data Alternate. Subsequently, the caregivers wish to use well being info trade software program with a view to attain the most effective practices of the HIE.

he one-of-a-kind hie software options of CareAlign, as an illustration,  are meant to mix quite a lot of scientific information programs in a straightforward method.

Interoperability is essential in healthcare since expertise is all the time creating and new strategies of exchanging well being info come up. Well being info interchange is turning into more and more frequent as professionals acknowledge its significance in inpatient care. There are a number of benefits to exchanging well being information. 

HIE improves affected person security by lowering medical and medicine errors since information is securely saved in a database and despatched digitally. 

HIE software

This article is designed to give a basic overview of HIE (health information exchange), and explain what an HIE is and what it can mean to public health personnel. 

While HIE is a somewhat common term among public health personnel and many health workers are well-informed, others may be stepping into the world of HIE for the first time or may wish for a better understanding of the subject.

HIE solution

Deloitte brings to HIE the latest in technology with a deep understanding of privacy, security, and the health care ecosystem. Deloitte’s HealthInteractive HIE is a pre-built, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution providing a stable and common baseline for service-oriented delivery of health care. The solution currently connects more than 100,000 providers. It also includes a preconfigured service integration registry that meets more than 80 percent of commonly identified health data interoperability requirements—reducing both the time to set up and the time to gain value. 

Our HealthInteractive HIE is certified with the Sequoia Project to be eHealth Exchange Validated to enable Person Center Data Home (PCDH) and integration with other exchanges such as regional exchanges and the Veteran Affairs HIE (VAHIE). We provide an HIE solution for self-service onboarding, discrete data access, practical alerts and event notifications, quality patient data at the point of care, and administrative tools for transparency and reduced operational burdens.

Health information exchange software

Health information exchange systems are exactly what they do. They offer real time data sharing along with some really powerful and useful features that enhance productivity and profitability. With Zapbuild, you get a custom made and highly efficient HIE software solution that enables your doctors, medical practitioners, nurses and several other medical staff members to exchange and disseminate critical patient details and medical data, all the while maintaining the privacy of the entire system.

Health information exchange services from Zapbuild are a secure and completely reliable medium for your hospitals and clinics to exchange critical patient data. You would pick our custom HIE software for several strong reasons. It improves patient safety and reduces medical errors, provides your caregivers enough clinical support tools that enable them to come up with effective care and treatment plans. You can eliminate dependency on paper work and unnecessary testing. Such software platforms also improve reporting, monitoring, care quality and reduce costs as well.

HIE software solutions

Medical records along with other health-related details might be electronically exchanged between several health care facilities plus info systems through the CareAlign health info exchange software. Moreover, the HIE guarantees that a patient’s overall health info is protected during inter-institutional transfers. Moreover, our info exchange program permits you to see a patient’s health background and current health condition in detail which is great. 

The exchange of health information has a few benefits. Adopting this particular way to monitor a patient’s medical history has a few benefits, including less pointless treatments and testing and also the avoidance of costly mistakes. Obviously, the advantages of HIE outweigh the disadvantages.

Information exchange software

The HIE system allows offering a real-time information sharing of patient’s medical data between patients, doctors, and other health practitioners. If you are looking for a powerful HIE software development, then consider QSS Technosoft- a leading company offering Healthcare Information exchange solutions for your interface needs. 

QSS Technosoft develops integrated and feature-rich Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) software solutions that provide you with the flexibility of accessing the latest information while maintaining regulatory compliance such as HIPAA and HL7. Our custom HIE software development solutions facilitate a secure and reliable medium for healthcare information exchange. Till now, we have created innovative application software for Health Information Exchange that permits Doctors, Nurses, healthcare practitioners, and other medicinal services suppliers to exchange patient’s medical data & information privately. 

HIE healthcare information exchange

The demand for electronic health information exchange among care professionals is growing along with nationwide efforts to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care delivery. Meaningful use requirements, new payment approaches that stress care coordination, and federal financial incentives are all driving the interest and demand for health information exchange. 

Connecting Health and Care for the Nation: A 10 Year Vision to Achieve An Interoperable Health IT Infrastructure describes ONC’s broad vision and framework for interoperability.


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