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Why your Green Card application may be rejected, and what can you do about it?

You'll almost certainly need a Green Card if you want to stay in the United States permanently and do things like work, study, or retire here. Once you have this certificate, you may live in the United States indefinitely as long as you follow a few easy regulations, including submitting tax returns, not committing crimes, and establishing a permanent address in the country.

Family-based, employment-based, and the diversity lottery are the three primary categories of Green Card visas, or so-called immigrant visas. When it comes to family and employment-based approaches, there's a wide range of options, including investment, marriage, and family history.

Different visa categories imply that the reasons for refusal will vary:

  • The EB-5 Investment Visa needs a $800,000 investment from a clean source of money that produces 10 jobs. Learn more about this visa type following the link

  • EB-1C Visas for transnational managers and executives (also employment-based visas) require the manager to have worked in a connected foreign company for at least one of the three years before entering the U.S. If either visa isn't followed, it might be denied.

Top 5 reasons of Green Card denial

In addition to visa-specific decline reasons, all Green Card applicants face common refusal reasons, including:


A Green Card may be refused to anybody guilty of certain offenses. This covers crimes involving drugs and prostitution, as well as murder. Your application will need you to provide this information. In order to get a Green Card, you must be aware that not all offenses will bar you from doing so. An immigration attorney can help you understand how a criminal record could affect your application if you have one.

Grounds for Health

Green Card candidates must present a doctor's report. Infectious diseases that pose a public health risk in the U.S. or failing to fulfill immunization requirements might lead to a rejection. Linked to this is the possibility of being denied because you could become a burden on the state, such as if you need long-term care or have mental health concerns.

Security Issue

Anyone accused of engaging in terrorism, espionage, sabotage, or political subversion will have their Green Card revoked by US authorities. It's also possible for them to refuse anybody who was involved in Nazi atrocities or other genocides or war crimes and terrorism. There's no doubt about it: this is a category where candidates are unlikely to self-report. People who are later found to have committed war crimes or terrorist charges may have a Green Card revoked, face deportation, or have their entry into the United States prohibited altogether.

Immigration Infractions

If you've unlawfully crossed the border or lied on a visa application, your Green Card may be refused. Overstaying your visa or missing deportation hearings are also immigration violations. Even if you're worried about the result, skipping court might be worse.

Administrative missteps

An expert US-licensed immigration lawyer should be consulted while applying for a Green Card. In certain cases, a family member or employer, if a sponsor is necessary, may make an administrative blunder. Not attending an interview, paying the requisite fees, meeting deadlines, or submitting the proper papers might result in rejections.

Despite all of this, it is possible to appeal or reapply for a Green Card application that has been rejected. For your original application, as well as for any subsequent appeals or resubmissions, you need to hire an immigration lawyer. One of the most important things you can do is be absolutely upfront and honest with your lawyer about everything that's going on so there are no unpleasant surprises down the road.

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