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What makes a Travel Blogger’s ideal laptop?

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For many of us, being a travel blogger seems like a dream job – visiting amazing locations, documenting local culture, news, and history, and getting a suntan while doing it is undeniably an incredibly sweet deal.

However, despite appearances, travel bloggers still have to complete work when they are on their journeys – as travelling to places costs money, and there is a huge audience out there who love seeing content from faraway and interesting places.

It would be hugely impractical to be reliant on a desktop PC in such a profession, and as a result, laptops are the obvious choice for someone who needs to complete work away from a traditional office or workspace – and with technology continuing to advance, laptops are no longer a significant downgrade on the powers of a desktop PC.

Read on to find out more about what characteristics are most desirable in a travel blogger’s laptop, and the notable qualities that make it ideal for travelers and remote workers alike.

Great for Typing

With lots of copy to write, a good keyboard and ergonomic typing is essential for the travel blogger, as they need to be able to type up their travel experiences effectively and efficiently. Having a keyboard that doesn’t function exactly as needed is infuriating even for just basic laptop operations, so not having a perfectly functioning keyboard as a copywriter is a huge hindrance.

In order to type quickly, responsive keys are required – meaning that old or sticky keyboards won’t do the trick as the writer cannot effectively slide across the keyboard or guarantee that typing quickly won’t end up with a jumbled mess.

Mechanical keyboards offer something different, although these are uncommon to find on a laptop due to their bulkier nature.

It’s important to not disregard processing power either, as a lack of it could lead to a laggy and jittery copywriting experience that heavily affects the number of words done per minute.

Long battery life

When much of your working life is spent on the move, having a long battery life on your working laptop is essential in getting the most out of the device. While it’s very likely that travel bloggers stay in residences with internet and electricity, it’s not always guaranteed, and so being able to complete work in even the most remote of locations is a very useful perk.

Even then, a long battery life ensures that they can complete work during long flights and other journeys, as well as on location where they’re blogging from, whether that be a quaint city street café or sprawling white beach.

Strong Multimedia capabilities

In an increasingly multimedia online landscape, it’s important that the modern blogger’s laptop is capable in areas such as video and audio production, as well as creating graphics, presentations, and interactive content.

While you may feel that traditionally laptops would struggle with resource intensive tasks such as this, much progress has been made in the world of business and study laptops in the last few years. offer these hybrid devices that enable effective and efficient working without extortionate cost.

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