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15 Amazing Fonts to Try in 2022 (If You Haven't Yet)

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Fonts are one of the most important aspects in design. You can change a basic, boring design into something that is unique and eye-catching with the right fonts. In this article, we will explore 15 fonts you might want to try out in 2022.


Think of a geometric serif font characterised by 16 different styles—that’s Antona. It has solid structures with plenty of white space within the characters. Are you going for a friendly vibe on your website? This is the font for you. Any web design agency worth their salt would agree to this.


This font is a great choice for modern designs. It has sleek lines and a professional look that will make your design stand out from the rest.


This classic font is perfect for vintage-inspired designs. It has a timeless feel that will never go out of style.


This font is often seen in logos, and for that reason, it has become very popular. It can be used alone or combined with other fonts to create something unique.

Passion One Pro

Passion One pro is a modern font that has a more rounded look. It is great for bold headlines and will give your design an edgy feel.


This font looks handwritten but very professional at the same time. The lines are free flowing, which gives it a unique style not seen in many other fonts out there.

Rage Italic

Rage Italic is a grungy font that has a very modern feel to it. It can be used for any type of design and will give your project an edgy, underground vibe.


Bodoni is a classic serif font that has been used for centuries. It is perfect for high-end designs as it gives off a very luxurious feel.


Arimo is an up-and-coming font that has already gained a lot of popularity. It is perfect for modern designs and its rounded letters give it a unique look.


Garamond is an old style serif font that has been used for decades already. It's classic look makes it perfect when trying to achieve a traditional design feel, but it’s also great paired with other modern fonts.

Trajan Pro

Trajan Pro is a classic font that has been used in many movie posters and logos. It gives off a very powerful and professional vibe.


Didot is a very thin font that has an elegant feel to it. Like Bodoni, it's perfect for high-end designs and can be used to create some beautiful layouts.


Caudex is a great font for vintage designs. It has very unique lettering and looks like it was taken straight out of the 1940s!


This font is perfect when you want to create something modern but with an old style feel. The clean lines make this font look beautiful in any design project but especially those that are going for a more vintage look.

Nova Mono

Nova Mono is perfect for minimalistic designs. It has very clean lines and is great when you want to focus on the text itself.

As you can see, there are many fonts to try out in 2022! Each one has its own unique style and will add something different to your design. So, experiment with them all and find the one that fits your specific project.


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