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5 Types of Paving Services You Can Get From a Professional Company in Danbury

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Danbury is a city located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, with an estimated population of 84,694. As per recent climate data, Danbury gets rains in May, June, July, and October. Rough weather conditions and rains wash away the soil that may weaken the foundation of one's driveway.

Paving offers protection to the surfaces, and prevents rains from washing away the sandy surface or soil. It is a common practice followed by house owners to pave areas with asphalt, gravel, or stone to prevent soil erosion. If you want to pave an outside area of your home, you can consider hiring a paving company Danbury CT. Here are five types of paving services you can get from a professional company.

  1. Residential Paving

As per recent data, there are around 30,000 households in Danbury, CT. Most house owners in Danbury, CT, plan their driveway after the construction of the house is completed. The homeowner would incorporate gravel or crushed stone driveway based on the requirements. If you plan to resurface the existing asphalt driveway, you need to hire the best paving company in Danbury, CT.

When hiring a paving company for residential paving, make sure the contractor specifies utility protection, base construction, subgrade preparation, and drainage in the work contract.

  1. Commercial and Industrial Paving

As per recent data, Danbury, CT, is home to around 7765 firms. If you own a commercial building, you must be aware of how an industrial roadway is subjected to high pressure from a heavy vehicle that plies daily. Hence, it becomes imperative to have a strong pavement to accommodate heavy vehicles. An experienced paving company will design and construct industrial pavements and truck/bus parking areas correctly. In Danbury, CT, leading paving companies have licensed engineers who perform site investigation, materials testing, and finalize pavement design after understanding your business requirements.

Industrial pavements are complex, but asphalt concrete can provide the strength and versatility needed to provide a long service life. Proper design and construction of the parking areas will mitigate full-depth pavement failures.

  1. Milling

As per recent data, the land area of Danbury, CT, is approximately 41.89 square miles. Milling refers to removing the top layer of asphalt in older pavement areas or driveways. The paving company will ensure the underlying base is not disturbed during the milling process. Paving companies mention that milling allows you to maintain the height of the road and saves you time if the sub-base is in good condition.

  1. Grading

If you find rain water gets collected in your parking area after heavy downpours, it happens because the area was not properly graded. Standing water damages asphalt and concrete. As per recent climate data, the average rainfall in Danbury, CT, is around 51.2 inches higher than the national average of 38.1 inches.

Grading refers to maintaining a level base in the construction of your driveway. Experts mention grading is an essential part of a paving job. Before laying the asphalt driveway, the area must be cut, filled, appropriately leveled to allow the water to run off from the surface. A good paving company will be able to provide top-notch grading services.

  1. Seal Coating

As per recent weather data, Danbury, CT, gets around 41.6 inches of snowfall every year. The city has 174 sunny days, and the average temperature in July is around 82.4°. Seal coating refers to applying a protective coat to asphalt driveways. It protects from elements like oils, water, and UV radiation. An experienced paving company with a team of efficient engineers and construction workers will offer sea coating services to help you protect your property from extreme weather conditions.

To sum up, these are some paving services you can get from a professional company.


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