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How can I clean my gold ring and care for it?

  • Written by a contributor

If you have lovely gold rings from Adina Eden or other jewellery, the possibilities are that they will need cleansing at some point. Whether they are in a carton for years or worn daily.

From engagement rings to thick gold chains, gold jewellery can miss its lustre and look dry. So it is a great idea to learn what cleaning techniques are possible and how to clean your jewellery at home. Our jewellery specialists share their top tips on how to clean gold rings quickly and safely. Please, take notes!

What is secure to use to wash gold rings

So, can we clean gold rings at home? Yes. Here’s a quick education on how to clean your ring yourself. While you can take your jewellery to a professional for a cleaning and should do so if the gems are loose and need resetting, you can also keep your gold band clean at home with:

  • A cleaning liquid made up of warm water, not hot water, and dish soap.

  • A fluffy brush or soft-bristled toothbrush.

  • A small container.

  • A polishing material or silky cloth.

Solid gold can also be cleaned with household goods, such as mild dish soap mixed with water, baking soda and spring water.

The aluminium foil stimulates a process named ion exchange which supports get a squeaky, sparkling clean look to your jewellery.

How to clean gold rings

Pour a tablespoon or two of dishwashing liquid into the container, and then fill the bowl with lukewarm water. By putting cleanser in the bowl first and then going the warm water on high on top of the solvent, it allows the two to connect more quickly and not leave any soap on the bowl. Use your fingers to mix the blend even more, if required.

Put the gold ring in the blend. Let it sit for 15 minutes so that the soap can gently break away any dirt and oil build-up. The more dirt that comes off by watering the ring, the less work you will have rubbing the ring.

Take the ring out of the liquid and gently rub it all over with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Focus essentially on the fields in between the stone settings to get rid of any dirt build-up living after the first soak.

Place the ring in the strainer, and pour a lazy stream of warm water over it. The strainer lets all sides of the ring get rinsed a final time without having to keep it.

Dry the ring smoothly inside a soft cloth. This will prevent water points and buff the ring for added brilliance.

How to clean a gold diamond ring

As accurate as you consider you may be, your diamond ring is most likely bared to oil and dust that can scratch its surface. Learning how to care about a diamond ring will ensure that you keep its brilliance and shine, for as long as achievable.

  • Do a Daily brushing to Remove Dust and Oil.

  • Clean the diamond often to keep it free of cosmetics, skin oil, and dust.

  • Wipe your treasure clean with a soft chamois or cloth after each wear to remove fats and salt.

Or use Ammonia and cold water. Soak your diamond in a 50:50 blend of ammonia (like a glass cleaner) and cold water for 30 min. Then, let it air dry. Be sure to use this only with true diamonds, since ammonia may destroy other gems.

How to clean gold rings with precious rocks

Decide the type of gem that is in your gold ring. Certain fragile gems, pearls, for instance, should only be wiped with a wet cloth or very tenderly cleaned with no solutions or soaps.

Do not dip it for more than about 15 minutes, since there is a risk that stones may become unlocked.

Do this at least once a month. Chains and earrings may not be worn as often as rings, but this doesn’t mean that they are not exposed to the same fat and dust that can harm their exterior.

Whether you buy market cleaner from a gold shop or make your own at home, clean your jewels regularly to keep the gold and gemstones shining.

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