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Maximise Your Winter Getaway: Wellness Tips and Annual Leave Hacks for a Rejuvenating Road Trip

In the blink of an eye, we find ourselves nearly halfway through the year, craving an extended cosy winter getaway to replenish energy, look after mental health, and prepare for the second half of the year. Camplify, the leading platform for peer-to-peer caravan and motorhome sharing, is helping Aussies maximise their annual leave this year by revealing hacks that allow you to get the most out of your holidays through smart annual leave positioning and enhance your wellness. 

Camplify has a little trick to squeeze the most out of the upcoming King’s Birthday long weekend by suggesting taking off the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th June, allowing you to stretch a four-day annual leave into a relaxing nine-day getaway.

Camplify not only offers the most inexpensive travelling solutions on wheels, but also wants your trip to benefit your well-being. Boost your experience by following these tips for relaxing on the road:

- Create a playlist: Make a playlist of your favourite and happy songs to sing along with while driving.

- Stay hydrated, and don’t forget to bring a reusable water bottle. 

- Appreciate your surroundings: Take breaks to explore and enjoy the places you pass, like seaside towns or national parks.

- Practice mindfulness: stay calm and practice mindfulness instead of reacting to road rage.

- Travel green: be eco-friendly by taking your trash with you, picking up litter, and following conservation rules.

- Take regular breaks: rest every 45 minutes to walk, stretch, take photos, and enjoy the journey, ensuring you reach your destination more refreshed.

For those keen for an adventure this long weekend, here is a list of the top caravans that are under $200 per day and are still available to hire.

New South Wales  

The RA

$175 per day 

Byron Bay, NSW  

This long weekend, chill and explore in this pet friendly home on wheels that comfortably fits two people, complete with a hot outdoor shower, stove top, sink, fridge, indoor AND outdoor dining areas, skylight and rooftop deck.


Wildly Tasmanian 'Pademelon'

$185 per day

Hobart, TAS 

Your chance to enjoy Tasmania's breathtaking scenery and take in that fresh air for a full rejuvenation. Designed with the traveller in mind for comfort, simplicity, convenience and a stress free experience.


Off Grid - Premium 3AS 

$159 per day

Melbourne, VIC 

This campervan is designed for travel through the snow season and is perfect for Australia's winter.


Van Damme - The Luxe Campervan 

$165 per day 

West Beach, SA

Perfect for a small family of three to travel in style and comfort, Van Damme is super roomy with an extra high roof for added comfort. The Transit is completely insulated keeping the cold out in winter.


Joy Bus!

$125 per day 

Larrakeyah, NT 

Quality European style and comfort for long drives. The stylish, modern clamshell pop up roof tent is a simple two latch, hydraulic operation for a simple single-person set up.

Camplify has also created an incentive for road trip lovers, simply book your adventure before the end of May and add the promo code TAKE100 to unlock a $100 discount on your next trip with Camplify.

For more options visit to book a trip. 


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