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DeepL launches new specialised Language AI solution for Enterprises

DeepL for Enterprise caters to growing demand for the company’s category-leading translation and writing tools among large organisations


DeepL, a leading global Language AI company on a mission to break down communication barriers worldwide, today announced the launch of DeepL for Enterprise. Over 100,000 businesses in over 60 countries, including 50% of the Fortune 500, use DeepL’s cutting-edge platform for better translations and writing.

An extension of the company’s cutting-edge Language AI platform for businesses, the new DeepL for Enterprise offering is specifically designed to address the growing needs of organisations looking to deploy AI, providing:

New pricing and packaging to reduce barriers to adoption for knowledge workers throughout the organisations

Personalisation features that enable enterprises to build their corporate glossary and improve standardisation and consistency of their brand language

Enterprise security features critical for the protection of business-critical content

Global deployment and management capabilities that make it easy for centralised IT teams to launch and control

“Enterprise leaders are under pressure to define and execute AI strategies in a meaningful way that drives ROI for businesses, but they’re facing a saturated market crowded with open source or generic models that may not fit their needs. They also have to carefully consider compliance requirements to safeguard sensitive business data and mitigate potential cybersecurity risks,” said David Parry-Jones, Chief Revenue Officer, DeepL. “DeepL’s specialised Language AI platform is trusted by tens of thousands of organizations worldwide for its accuracy, fluency, security, and proven ROI. We’re proud to launch DeepL for Enterprise, which is a natural evolution of our already proven solutions for business use-cases and is designed to solve these challenges faced by large organisations so that they can successfully adopt AI to save time, cut costs, and drive business growth.”

Over 90% of enterprise AI decision-makers have concrete plans to adopt generative AI (genAI) for both internal and customer-facing use cases, with nearly half (47%) citing productivity gains as the primary goal, followed by greater innovation (44%) and cost efficiency (41%). Amidst this growing demand for value-driving AI solutions, Language AI has emerged as one of the most critical and strategic investments large organisations can make, empowering enterprises to maintain their competitive edge as the world becomes more connected through enhanced operational efficiency, elevated customer experiences and seamless international expansion.

Since its inception, DeepL has been at the forefront of AI-based communication technology, becoming the specialised Language AI provider of choice for businesses, governments and other organisations worldwide across multiple industries including manufacturing, legal, retail, healthcare, technology, and professional services. Unlike general-purpose AI systems, DeepL’s cutting-edge translation and writing solutions rely on specialised AI models specifically tuned for the language, resulting in more precise translations for a variety of use cases and a reduced risk of hallucinations and misinformation. In enterprise translation and writing, accuracy is paramount, making DeepL’s specialised Language AI platform one of the most reliable and preferred solutions for businesses.

DeepL for Enterprise introduces features, as well as new pricing and packaging, to help large organisations effectively deploy and drive adoption of AI-powered tools with measurable return on investment. A 2024 Forrester study revealed that the use of DeepL delivered 345% ROI for global enterprise companies, reducing translation time by 90% and driving a 50% in workload reduction. DeepL’s platform also ensures businesses remain compliant at scale with enterprise-grade security measures to protect user data, including state of-the-art data encryption, ISO 27001 and Soc2 Type 2 certification, and more.

The launch of DeepL for Enterprise comes during a period of substantial growth and demand for DeepL worldwide. Just last month, DeepL announced a $300M investment  at a $2B valuation led by renowned late-stage investment firm Index Ventures. Over the past year, DeepL’s customer network has also grown to include over 100,000+ global businesses, governments, and other organisations including leaders Zendesk, Nikkei, Coursera and more.

DeepL for Enterprise is now available in all DeepL Pro markets. The company will showcase its new Enterprise solution in their upcoming webinar series, “AI in Practice,” kicking off June 25 and featuring leaders from Forrester and PwC. To learn more and to sign up to attend, visit DeepL’s website.

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