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Litera Announces Deeper Collaboration with Microsoft

Litera, a global leader in legal technology solutions and Microsoft AI Cloud Partner, announced today that it is working with Microsoft to bring new tools and intelligent experiences to market. As part of this initiative, Litera is developing a Microsoft Copilot integration in collaboration with Microsoft to streamline workflows for lawyers, making them more efficient and accurate. This will provide an integrated and intelligence experience for lawyers using solutions from Litera and Microsoft Copilot in Microsoft 365.

“We believe that by the end of 2024, many lawyers will be using Copilot in their day-to-day,” said Litera VP of Product Adam Ryan. “Being a Microsoft partner empowers Litera to create a singular, seamless experiences. We’re bringing our knowledge of legal workflows and user behavior to this collaboration to reduce distractions and improve user experience with Microsoft tools in the business and practice of law. We’re excited to innovate side-by-side with Microsoft and bring together Microsoft Copilot and Litera’s robust suite of legal technology.” 

Litera is evolving its technology to integrate with Copilot for Microsoft 365, leveraging over a decade of experience with AI legal technology to ensure a smooth integration between Litera and Microsoft. 

“We are collaborating with Litera to better understand how the legal community will leverage groundbreaking AI technology like Microsoft Copilot,” said Meagan Smith, Microsoft Regional Director – Legal Industry. “This working relationship will provide better integrations and smoother workflows for our legal practice community.”

Since the launch of Kira in 2011, Litera’s AI-powered technology is consciously engineered to keep projects at the fingertips of legal professionals and law firm leaders, to encourage focus and streamline tasks. Working closely with top global firms and leveraging Microsoft Azure AI services, Litera's newest AI-powered legal technology, including Kira and Foundation Dragon, will integrate directly into where lawyers work, solving time-consuming challenges lawyers face whether they are trying to win or create high-quality work for clients to #AmplifyImpact. 


About Litera  
Litera has been at the forefront of legal technology innovation for over 25 years, crafting legal software to amplify impact and maximise efficiency. Developed by the best legal minds in the industry, Litera's comprehensive suite of integrated legal tools is both powerful and user-friendly and simplifies the way modern firms manage core legal workflows, secure collaboration, and organise firm knowledge and experience. Every day, Litera helps more than 2.3 million legal professionals focus on their craft.     

Litera: Less busy work, more of your life’s work.   


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