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n3 Hub Unveils CDP-as-a-Service to Boost Marketing and Advertising Agency Growth

3 Hub, the leader in marketing operations and data analytics, today announced the launch of CDP-as-a-Service. The new offering will allow marketing and advertising agencies to configure and operate n3 Hub’s industry-leading CDP on behalf of their clients thereby enabling them to securely activate their client’s first party data across all of their paid media channels.

The launch comes at a time when agencies are shifting away from traditional Data Management Platforms (DMPs) to Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) in growing numbers.

‘With third-party cookies increasingly being restricted by all of the major web browsers, DMPs that use this data to target paid media audiences are no longer viable,” said Stephen Schwalger, Business Development Director, n3 Hub.  “As a result, marketing and advertising agencies need to replace their DMPs with CDPs that make use of first-party data to deliver targeted paid media campaigns.”

Deploying CDP as a service

There are three ways in which digital marketing agencies can deploy n3 Hub’s new CDP-as-a-Service offering:

1.       n3 Hub ‘lite’: Under this option, marketing and advertising agencies can provide their clients with access to a lite version of n3 Hub through which they can undertake proof-of-concept trials. Agencies can upload up to 100,000 customer records into a single instance which can then be used to drive paid media and direct communications campaigns.

2.       Multi-tenant: Following a multi-tenant approach, agencies can add new clients to their existing n3 Hub CDP instance with no risk of data leakage. This allows the agencies to scale and grow their first party offering without the need to provision and integrate a new CDP instance for each client.

3.       Stand-alone: For larger clients, agencies will have the option of offering n3 Hub CDP as a stand-alone, fully featured instance dedicated to specific clients. This can be commissioned on either the n3 Hub infrastructure, or the agency infrastructure, or on a client’s cloud infrastructure.

Enhancing marketing campaigns

Schwalger said agencies that take advantage of n3 Hub’s CDP-as-a-Service offering will be able to quickly and securely activate their client’s first party data to improve the efficiency and performance of their paid media campaigns through improved relevancy and more accurate targeting. 

“This will enable agencies that also offer direct messaging services alongside their paid media offering to easily segment their client’s first party to trigger both personalised communications and paid media campaigns that will deliver significantly improved customer engagement” said Schwalger.  “They can use their clients’ first-party data to reduce media costs by excluding customers from selected paid media campaigns while also increasing conversion rates by re-enforcing their messaging through direct messages.”

CDP-as-a-Service users will be able automate many business-as-usual acquisition marketing tasks, such as the uploading of manually generated target audiences into paid media platforms, while also allowing new campaigns to be created to target leads once they have become consented recipients of a brand’s direct messaging.

“This, in turn, can help to reduce customer churn as campaigns can be designed to intervene and open dialogue when a recipient’s profile and actions indicate they have dropped out of an acquisition journey or have stopped engaging with a client brand,” said Schwalger.

Significant business benefits

Agencies that opt to take advantage of n3 Hub’s CDP-as-a-Service offering stand to enjoy some significant business benefits. One is the capability it will give them to assist their clients in taking a data-driven approach to marketing campaigns that leverages first-party data to build long-term business success.

“CDP-as-a-Service will allow an agency’s clients to build a true picture of customer behaviour and what influences that behaviour that can be used to improve the targeting and relevancy of their paid media and direct messaging campaigns,” said Schwalger. “Agencies that are already using a CDP have clearly demonstrated the significant increases in performance and reductions in costs that are possible.”

Schwalger said agencies will also find using a CDP enables them to increase the number of campaigns they are able to develop and deploy for their clients. This is particularly the case when it comes to those that feature personalisation and cross-channel journeys.

“Increasingly, agencies are realising that data-driven marketing, coupled with a clear understanding of customers, is critical for the future success of their clients’ businesses,” said Schwalger. “By being a facilitator and partner with n3 Hub, an agency can play a more strategic role in their client’s business operations while building out new and innovative services.”

About n3 Hub

Deployed by leading companies in Australia and New Zealand, n3 Hub’s market-leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) and deployment services provide organisations with a Single Customer View (SCV) that combines all your data sources, making it easy to create targeted campaigns and make faster, more informed decisions.



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