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Bod Science diversifies into new markets with the launch of Aqua Phase

New study confirms efficacy of game-changing drug delivery technology; solving  challenges posed by lipophilic drugs 

Latest pharmacokinetic (PK) study of Aqua Phase CBD shows six times greater bioavailability and triple  concentration levels in comparison to CBD in oil unlocking endless application opportunities across global pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and  beverage markets 

Affirming Bod Science’s position as a trailblazer in Australia’s growing medicinal cannabis market and as  a downstream focused drug delivery solution provider 

Australian medicinal cannabis developer, Bod Science, has released the results of the  second pharmacokinetic (PK) study for Aqua Phase, game-changing technology that acts as a drug delivery  system to make water hating (or lipophilic) drugs, such as cannabinoids (CBD), water soluble. 

The most recent study, which completes Bod Science’s research and development work, demonstrated that  Aqua Phase delivers six times greater bioavailability in comparison to CBD in oil as well as triple the maximum  concentration levels. Importantly, it also showed that Aqua Phase is faster-acting, reaching its maximum  concentration in two and a half hours versus six hours for CBD in oil. This significantly enhances its absorption  and tolerability for users, with no taste or smell, and will go a long way in improving existing lipophilic  products used to help a number of health conditions. 

“In particular, the enhanced tolerability of Aqua Phase has the potential to improve the experience of patients  who can’t tolerate the oils used in most CBD products. Excessive oil consumption can cause various digestive  symptoms such as nausea and indigestion,” explained Janet Wilson, Head of Research & Development at Bod. 

Aqua Phase’s boosted bioavailability also has the potential to reduce adverse side-effects of lipophilic drugs,  while also reducing dose levels and increasing absorption. Lipophilic drugs can pose certain challenges in  terms of their formulation, absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion. 

Jo Patterson, CEO of Bod, said this creates scope for Bod to pivot from being a CBD-focused drug developer to  one that enters the broader medicines market globally. 

“This is an important advancement for the global pharma industry and has the potential to redefine the  pharmaceutical market for lipophilic compounds across the world,” she said. 

Aqua Phase is delivered in a dry powder form, giving it the versatility to be adapted int multiple formats  including capsules, creams and aqueous solutions. 

“With Aqua Phase, we have a significant opportunity to reshape food and beverage markets across the globe,”  continued Patterson. “In its powder format, we can add lipophilic compounds like CBD to sports drinks and  even go a step further in adding them to oral products and topical creams in the burgeoning nutraceutical  industry.”

“From a healthcare perspective, Aqua Phase is a game-changer. It will enhance the wellbeing and quality of  life for those who are taking CBD to support a number of medical conditions and paves the way to further  strengthen the quality and efficacy of life-changing drugs, both in development and currently in the market,”  Patterson concluded. 

With many opportunities on the horizon, Bod is looking to partner with companies that manufacture different  types of beverages, nutraceuticals, and drugs worldwide where solubility and bioavailability pose a challenge.  

How Aqua Phase Works with CBD

Traditionally, CBD has had poor biological absorption (bioavailability). Aqua Phase technology actively changes this. 

During the Aqua Phase process, CBD is combined with a starch-based molecule. This combination undergoes mechanical and heating processes over time to deliver a bioavailable complex. This patented process of  combining an active drug with a starch is called Aqua Phase. It’s a formulation technology that can be used  with many different chemicals and nutrients. 

The end result is a flavourless, colourless and stable product that makes active compounds like CBD more  effective and tolerable than the existing products. 

Latest PK Study Results 

The results from the latest PK study showed that Aqua Phase CBD had six times greater bioavailability and  three times greater concentration levels than CBD in oil, showing enhanced absorption and improved tolerability. 

The new research means that Bod has now completed two PK studies to demonstrate the enhanced  bioavailability of CBD complexed with the Aqua Phase technology compared with CBD in MCT oil. The latest  trial, a Phase 1 study, investigated the bioavailability in venous blood which enrolled 12 healthy volunteers  who were dosed with either Aqua Phase CBD 100mg or CBD 100mg in oil. It was conducted under strict  research conditions where dosing and sampling conditions were highly controlled.  

About Bod Science: 

Bod Science (ASX:BOD) is a cannabis focused drug development and product innovation company. 

Bod is focused on progressing research and development with a defined clinical trial pathway to commercialise and deliver premium, scientifically proven and trusted products for patients and consumers. 

The company has a number of existing partnerships with large corporate companies and collaborations with  leading research organisations to advance the use of cannabis related medicines with therapeutic indications.


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