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Australia’s ‘Serial Side Hustlers’

Australia’s ‘Serial Side Hustlers’ report making $21,400 a year on top of their day jobs, new research from GoDaddy shows

New research from GoDaddy has revealed a new trend of ‘serial side hustlers’ showing the incredible spirit of Australian entrepreneurs. Research showed over half of those surveyed said they had multiple businesses. The growing trend of ‘serial side hustlers’ is being driven by e-commerce, with online side hustles generating an average of $21,400 a year. 

Entrepreneurialism is thriving in Australia, according to new research from GoDaddy, the company empowering everyday entrepreneurs, which revealed a growing trend of ‘serial side hustlers’. 

It’s no wonder Aussies are running multiple side hustles, with GoDaddy research finding that among online entrepreneurs surveyed, more than half (57%) had start-up costs of under $1,000. Of those, 44% had initial start-up costs of less $500, showcasing the low costs to get started for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, 16% started with no start-up costs at all.

Tamara Oppen, GoDaddy Vice President said: “It has never been easier, or quicker for Australians to set up an online side hustle. The surge coincides with a cost-of-living crisis, with Australians contending with the effects of rising interest rates and inflation. Our data shows that the number of people starting a business alongside a day job has continued to grow. Starting a side hustle is a great way to start, giving entrepreneurs the time to develop the business while  not giving up their day job. The costs of getting started can be relatively low, and many people hope the side hustle becomes their primary business. 

“From the survey, three-quarters of Australian side hustlers have an online presence for their business, showcasing how important it is to cater to digital consumers today. At GoDaddy, we pride ourselves on helping entrepreneurs thrive, and have seen first-hand the success that customers have had in starting their side hustles online,” Ms Oppen said.

The quick speed of setting up an online side hustle and potential financial rewards mean three-quarters hope to turn their side hustle into their primary business (76%). Of these, more than three quarters (77%) are 18-34-year-olds.

Entrepreneurs tapping AI

Small business owners and side hustlers are curious about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it could support their business. Just short of a third (31%) have used AI tools to contribute to their business in some way. 

There’s a gender split with interest in AI – interestingly, male side hustlers surveyed are more curious with 43% saying they have used AI to help their business compared to 15% of female respondents. The most popular tasks to get AI to help with are drafting social media copy (47%), conducting market research (41%), devising social media strategy (39%), and researching competitors (30%). 

One side hustler who has found setting up their e-commerce business easy, quick, and profitable is hamper and floral design business and GoDaddy customer, Emma McLeavy of Jo & Co Hampers.

After a family tragedy and a period of reflection about her life and work, Mrs McLeavy - a former commercial banker - decided that she wanted to pursue something that gave her more purpose, more passion and more time with her family.

“My motivation to set up my side hustle was to grow something that I was passionate about and, crucially, in control of. It started as just a side hustle during maternity leave but I’ve been blown away by not only its success, but how much I’ve enjoyed it. I’m really excited to continue to grow it over the coming years.”

"Named after my two young sons, Jo + Co. was created with the goal of offering you a beautiful and stylish way to celebrate any occasion, commend any achievement or simply show somebody that you truly care. Our hampers consist of a customised range of products curated to suit any and all of your gift giving needs."

Despite the pressures of the current cost-of-living crisis, survey respondents believe the future looks bright for the nation's online side hustlers. More than half (62%) expect their side hustle to have grown by the end of 2023, with just 2% expecting to experience a decline. 

“It's easier than ever before to build your Online Store and this has significantly lowered the barriers to entry for many. Seeing so many people overcome those barriers to pursue their passion is inspiring,” added Ms Oppen. 

Antenna, an independent consumer research agency on behalf of GoDaddy, conducted an online survey of 516 side hustlers in Australia. The survey was conducted between 14/04/23 – 08/05/23. The survey

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