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Why businesses need to archive data to the cloud

  • Written by George Harb, Vice President, ANZ, OpenText

Today, businesses are progressively retiring legacy applications and migrating to cloud as organisations are continuing to allocate and invest in new modern technology infrastructure. When migrating to cloud, organisations must ensure they efficiently retire information from previous applications and this can be a time-consuming process but one that is necessary. Organisations must be aware of the most efficient and cost-effective manner when archiving data to the cloud.

It is imperative to understand that cloud migration refers to moving digital operations onto cloud platforms, like transferring on-premises data centres or legacy infrastructure.

The importance of migrating to cloud

Today, businesses need to ensure they remain competitive and innovative. By optimising their business efficiency and migrating to cloud, businesses can do just that. Cloud technology has a myriad of benefits; for example, it allows businesses to access files and interpret complicated data more easily with enhanced security features. As more businesses focus on their growth, cloud continues to be a limitless option for these businesses.

With the flexibility cloud offers, employees are able to easily retrieve and access data in a single platform enabling them to prioritise customer queries and provide solutions in a timely manner. And as a result of team members optimising and accelerating workflows, it impacts the overall business outcomes.

Cloud computing today is accommodating the hybrid work culture, allowing employees to access applications and data beyond the workplace simultaneously. This flexibility and ease of access have enabled employees to work efficiently within their roles, no matter where they are in the world.

Today, it has never been more important for Australian businesses to ensure they are on top of their security measures and prioritise safeguarding consumers’ data. Hence with the cloud security features, organisations utilising cloud are able to add an extra level of protection that might be necessary for certain organisations.

Retiring information from previous applications

With the increased movement to cloud, many organisations are beginning to feel the pressure to follow in order to remain competitive in their respective markets. But this has proven to be a challenge for certain businesses, depending on their business needs as they are unable to move their data to cloud without disrupting their business operations. Therefore this requires business leaders to make decisions on which aspects of the business should be moved to cloud first and the others take a slow movement.

Understanding business needs

When businesses fail to grasp their business needs, budgets and constraints it becomes a challenge for businesses to make an optimal decision. When business leaders have a clear understanding of their business needs and requirements, they are then able to evaluate the various cloud providers and select a provider that is able to align their services with the business’ needs and budgets.

Cloud adoption has quickly gained prominence amongst many companies that are focusing on streamlining efficiencies and ensuring their data is accessible to all employees beyond the office. The tech flexibility that cloud offers has resulted in more businesses adopting to cloud and this cloud technology will only continue to evolve offering ample benefits for multiple businesses.

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