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Luxury Australian skin care brand launches into China to combat pollution

  • Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus

Luxury Australian skin care brand, QoQoB, has launched into China to help Chinese women combat the effects of air pollution.


“Air pollution can be extremely damaging to the skin.  It can cause irritations, uneven skin tone, premature aging, even cancer,” Founder and managing director of QoQoB, Belinda Cabria said today.


“Every day people in China face billions of pollution particles that damage the skin, clog pores and cause discoloration of the skin.  


“Our skin care range is one of the best in the world.   Made in Australia from Australian ingredients, our formulations, packaging and ingredients are of superior quality and our skin care system is unique.   It has been developed to activate the skin’s natural detoxification and pigmentation mechanisms.  In essence, our range fights the effects of pollution.


“We believe our skin care range is like nothing else on the market and will provide critical support and assistance for Chinese consumers dealing with air pollution related skin issues. 


“We researched the severity and clinical skin issues being directly caused by China’s poor air quality and industrial pollution.  After the product had been formulated and the brand developed, we sought out a partner to work with us in marketing and selling this into Asia.   Reach China was recommended as the best brand representation company to work with so we contacted Dr McDougall, the CEO and founder.   Thanks to Dr McDougall and this team we are now expanding our retail footprint in Australia and launching a comprehensive Daigou program to build brand awareness as part of our export program into China.”


According to the Chinese Ministry of Health, industrial pollution has made cancer China's leading cause of death.  Every year, ambient air pollution alone kills hundreds of thousands of people and harms millions of others.


Already exporting to Singapore, Vietnam, England and Denmark, Reach China has been appointed the Master Distributor for the next three years and will take the lead in managing wholesaler relationships as well as launching QoQoB into the lucrative Chinese market space.   


This Australian brand is expected to do extremely well in China with female millennial shoppers. “Everything about this brand is of the highest quality which is why we have agreed to take on the brand and act as their exclusive distributor world-wide,” Reach China, CEO and founder, Dr McDougall added.


“We believe that the Chinese market is the ideal focus for a product like QoQoB.  China’s pollution issues combined with China’s love of authentic Australian quality brands, provide the perfect platform for the launch.


“Every aspect of the product’s quality has been considered.  In fact, the only element of the product that is not produced in Australia is the violet glass packaging that the product comes in.  They come from the Netherlands and have been hand-picked because they block the complete spectrum of visible light only allowing the violet lights to go through.  This offers optimal protection against the aging of the product and helps to protect the potency of the active ingredients used in the formulation.


“Pollution is a huge issue for the people of China and QoQoB provides the perfect solution.   We will be implementing a comprehensive marketing campaign across China to reach women in need of a trusted high quality skin care product which combats pollution.   The range will be popular among millennials also as they are image and brand conscious.”


Belinda Cabria added, “our skin care is like no other.  It includes three key products which are all used in a simple three step process.  The first product ‘Phyto Dermabrasion’, exfoliates the skin removing pollutants, the second product ‘Phyto Activation’ prepares, infuses vitamin c and antioxidants and activates the skin, and the third ‘Phyto Concentrate’ lightens and evens out skin tone.   We know China will love it!”


About Reach China


Reach China was established by Dr McDougall in 2017.   It focuses on incubating quality Australian brands that have a desire to sell to Chinese consumers; both here in Australia as well as in mainland China.  Reach China uses a three step cross-border methodology to develop brands domestically, then includes cross border ecommerce (CBEC) platforms through to B2B distribution in China. Within Australia, it has a formed a strategic partnership with Pharmacy Alliance and its network of over 650 independently owned pharmacies across Australia for Slingshot and AmplifyX programs.  Reach China offers a comprehensive range of solutions for brands looking to export into China:


- - assists brands to sell into China via a Daigou WeChat wholesale marketplace and provides specialised marketing programs to support the Daigou community.

-        Slingshot - places emerging Australian brands on the shelves of retail pharmacies, and grocery and speciality stores across Australia

-        Amplify X - enables Australian retailers to sell products to Chinese local customers who wish to have these goods shipped to addresses in China.  Additionally, purchases are sent directly from the warehouse bypassing the retail shelf ensuring shelf stock is available for Australian consumers.

-        Logistics as a Service (Laas) - an outsourced solution for brands looking to offer Chinese shipping and distribution for their own B2C sites.


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