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Validity for Good Ensures Critical Emails Reach Inboxes Amid Ukraine Crisis

Global Email and Success Data Quality Provider Applies Decades of Email Insights to Meet Critical Needs

Validity, the leading provider of data quality and email marketing success solutions, recently announced the expansion of its crisis communications program, Validity for Good, enabling senders to deliver critical messages relevant to the Ukrainian crisis globally. Using this email delivery service, organisations can ensure messages related to public safety reach those impacted by the conflict.

Email remains one of the most essential communications channels during the Ukrainian crisis, yet organisations are facing the increasing reality that emails containing critical messages about public welfare are failing to get through to citizens. This happens for a couple of reasons. The first of which is that in order to reach both their constituents and the general public, organisations are forced to send messages to their complete email lists rather than targeted segments, which overwhelms spam filtering algorithms and reduces the effectiveness of email communication. The process is then complicated further by bad actors, who often take advantage of the emergency communications efforts in order to transmit dangerous messaging, including phishing, malware, ransomware, and spam.

With Validity for Good, email senders no longer have to be concerned that their life saving messages are going unread - and the program is faster than ever for organisations to get off the ground. For instance, previously customers had to pass a multi-point email program evaluation by Validity, ensuring that the sender is trustworthy, adheres to best practices, and that their email campaigns meet strict program requirements before they’re approved to enter the certification program. However, the updated and expanded version of Validity for Good provides an expedited path to certification for critical infrastructure, governmental, and other essential communications related to the crisis, allowing them to bypass the traditional certification process and get more vital information into the hands of people that rely on it.

The crisis in Ukraine demands clear and effective communication and our team wanted to help,” said Mark Briggs, chairman and CEO of Validity. “ Validity for Good, senders gives agencies and organisations’ email campaigns a critical signal to mailbox providers that the sender can and should be trusted, in order to help ensure their critical emails arrive in inboxes, not spam folders. It’s imperative for these messages regarding public safety and relief efforts in Ukraine to reach the inbox, while misinformation and other scams are blocked.”

Businesses can sign up for this free service on the Validity for Good microsite:


For over 20 years, tens of thousands of organisations throughout the world have relied on Validity solutions to target, contact, engage, and keep customers – using trustworthy data as a key advantage. The Validity flagship products – DemandTools, BriteVerify, Everest, and GridBuddy Connect – are all highly rated solutions for CRM data management, email address verification, inbox deliverability and avoiding the spam folder, and grid CRM applications. These solutions deliver smarter campaigns, more qualified leads, more productive sales, and ultimately faster growth. For more information, visit and connect with us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.



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