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Carsales is set to upskill the Australian auto retail sector

New challenges; new skills… Honed via carsales’ new e-learning hub

Carsales is set to upskill the Australian auto retail sector with the launch of its new e-learning platform, CAMPUS.

Offering structured short courses and formal certifications, carsales CAMPUS is designed to maximise car sales professional’s digital skillsets, via a program of online courses that target key areas of the online car sales journey.

The carsales CAMPUS courses are designed to fast-track dealer staff’s expertise across the industry, digital media infrastructure and carsales’ own systems.

The platform has launched with seven* highly-targeted and effective e-learning courses, such as 'Introduction to Automotive', 'Dealership Operations' and 'Digital Marketing Essentials'. Crucially, all of the carsales CAMPUS courses have been developed using the knowledge and feedback of highly skilled auto retail industry specialists.

CAMPUS is part of carsales’ BUSINESS hub, a free B2B web-based resource which champions real-time, relevant research, cross-industry experience and easy to access information. features over 20 bespoke research studies, 220 auto insights articles, 115 industry insights articles, 50 product explanations and ad specifications, and access to webinars/ events. And more content is being added every day.

Jessica Beatson, carsales CAMPUS Manager, said the addition of CAMPUS will make the must-visit destination for auto retail learning.

“As Australia’s largest and most experienced online marketplace, carsales is serious about championing best practice in the auto retail sector. CAMPUS paves the way for carsales customers to gain a real understanding of the needs and wants of the online consumer, ultimately increasing sales success.

“If you’re looking to shake up your sales approach this year, we’ve now got the perfect way for you to reach those 2022 targets. And it can be done through digital upskilling with carsales.

“Whether the user is a new salesperson, a marketing professional, or an experienced auto retail executive, CAMPUS delivers tools to drive business forward and expand career opportunities,” she says.

Auto professionals can sign up to CAMPUS and take their expertise to the next level by clicking here:

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