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Propell release 101 Guide for SME Finance as guiding light for Aussie businesses-owners

Australian fintech, Propel has released a free 101 Guide to SME Finance off the back of a concerning insight that 60 percent of Australia small-business owners aren’t aware of the full scope of options that are available to them.

The eBook can be downloaded here.

Crowdfunding, Invoice Financing, Business grants, Revenue Financing, Lines of Credit and Small Business Loans are just a few of the topics covered in the downloadable guide, written by Financial expert Estelle Fletcher.

Propell CEO Michael Davidson says the fintech company has sadly had a front row seat in observing the hit that Australian SMEs have taken as a result of the pandemic.

“It’s no secret that Australian small businesses are suffering. SMEs are our clients and our partners, and we’ve seen first-hand just how hard things have become.”

“As financial lenders we have a responsibility to step up here. Small business is struggling, its a very sad state of affairs for Aussie business – one that we would like to see change.”

“We’ve spent the last year speaking to Australian SMEs about finding solutions to often very tricky situations and as a financial services provider, we can’t always help them. But we can help to educate them based on the knowledge gaps we know exist.”

“It’s vital that SME’s know what levers they can pull outside of traditional finance,” he said.

Estelle Fletcher, the author of 101 Guide to SME Finance, says that in her 10 years of experience as a Financial Planner, she has never seen a more volatile time for small-business and is so happy to be providing her knowledge to Aussie businesses for free.

“The really incredible thing about what Propell is trying to do with the 101 Guide to SME Finance is that it’s essentially a free consultation with an industry expert, its free expert knowledge,” said Fletcher.

“If there are any business-owners struggling right now, download this book, read it, I can guarantee there are options available to you that you might not have known about.”


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